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Pastel Roof Colors

Colors are one way to demonstrate how unique we are. For instance, if you want your building to stand out, paint the roofs with lighter colors. Darker colors with a dark wood siding create a boring combination. A solid color roof with a variation in colors on the side gives an interesting appeal. Such as, beige colored sides of the building with black, green, blue or brown on the roof. Or white colored sides of the building with green, gray, blue or red color on the roof of the building. Matching the right combination is essential to enhance the curb appeal of the house.

The top roof color trends for 2020 are soft greens, pale blues and warm neutrals like beige, taupe and off-white. Customers are drawn to pastel colors that make their roof blend-in with the beauty of nature, at the same time stand out due to its simplicity.  Darker colors on the roof make the building appear further away. Some buildings even use two tones to make it look bigger. One can always experiment with contrasting colors on the building, keeping in mind the thin line between contrasting & clashing.

Shamrock Roofing does not only deal with new constructions or repairs we also take up maintenance and beautification projects. Give us a call or drop in to our office to be able to see some of our work and options that will help you decide what you want to do with your roof. After-all a roof adds to the beauty of the property and eventually will add value to the property.