Preparing for a New Roof in Lee’s Summit

Getting a new roof is an exciting thing, but a messy one at that! A roofing work zone needs to be taken seriously to avoid damage to your home and injury to your family and the roofers. If you’ve decided that its time for a new roof for your home or business, keep reading. Are you preparing for a new roof in Lee’s Summit? Here’s what you need to do.

Preparing for a New Roof in Lee’s Summit

Access to the Attic

In some instances, a premier roofing company in Lee’s Summit may require access to your attic. If this is the case, you’ll need to be sure your attic is easily accessible and free from any obstacles in the way.

Room for Waste Bin

When getting a new roof by any of the many roofing companies in Lee’s Summit, there will be quite a bit of debris produced that will be put in a large dumpster or dump truck. Make sure there is enough room on your driveway or yard for this to be placed.

Cover Attic Belongings

Along with ensuring access to the attic, you’ll also want to cover any items in the attic that are valuable, fragile or that you don’t want to get damaged. 

Access Around the Work Zone

There are a lot of things around your home that may obstruct the work zone for a premier roofing company in Lee’s Summit. Such things include overhanging tree limbs, outdoor furniture, grills, or satellite dishes. These obstacles may make it difficult for the roofers to lay their ladders, as well as not provide a safe and clean working environment.

The installation of a new roof in Lee’s Summit is a significant project and requires a lot of decision-making and preparation. The above are four easy steps that you can take before your new roof is installed. If you have any questions regarding preparation, contact the best roofer in Lee’s Summit at Shamrock Roofing and Construction where we do both residential and commercial roofing in Lee’s Summit and new roofs in Kansas City, Missouri.