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Process of Roof Replacement

Roof replacement could arguably be one of the most significant home repairs you make as a homeowner. While a roof isn’t something that needs to be replaced for quite a few years, when you do, however, it can be a huge commitment. Replacing a roof is more than hammering shingles down; it is a project that requires extensive preparation and professional roofing contractors in Omaha Nebraska to do the job. Of course, choosing the right roof for your Omaha home is the first step.



The first step in roof replacement is to contact a few roofing companies in Omaha to receive an inspection of your current roof condition and a quote. Because roof installation is an intense job, you need the best roofer in Omaha to ensure you’ll be receiving a quality roof that will last for years and through every season.


Roofing Material

Before anything is laid down, you will need to choose a roofing material and color. There are many different options to choose from, and it all depends on your personal taste, what you can afford, and the region you live in. In Omaha, asphalt and wood are fairly common options. Roofing contractors in Omaha can help you through the decision project if you are unsure about what to do.


Property Protection

The your roofing companies in Omaha will fully protect your home and property before starting construction. This includes protecting gutters, siding, windows, sunroofs, etc. from any damage that may occur.


Roof Removal

Completely removing preexisting shingles is crucial in order to inspect the wood decking (the layer of wood below the shingles). Layering over the current shingles with new ones will not ensure if there are any problems occurring underneath that may need attention.


Surface Preparation

Prepping the surface is crucial to make sure the shingles will stay intact. First, the wood decking will be inspected for damage and be replaced if needed for proper roof rafter attachment. Next, the wood decking will be re-nailed, and then drip edge will be installed to prevent rain from finding its way underneath the shingles. To prevent water from leaking, ice and water shield will be installed to the wood decking. Afterward, the entire roof will then be covered with roofing felt so that the shingles don’t stick to the wood.


Shingle Installation

Once your hired premier roofing company in Omaha has completed all of the above, they will then begin laying out the new shingles.


Clean Up

Now that your new roof is installed, the old shingles and debris will be hauled out, and your property should look better than before.


Final Inspection

Lastly, the best roofer in Omaha NE will complete a final inspection on performance and for your satisfactory approval.