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Protect Your Roof from the Summer Sun with These Tips

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Summer in Cedar Rapids can get a bit toasty. Mix in the dreaded onslaught of increased humidity, and you end up with days so thick you need a knife to cut through them! 

During the region’s most brutal months, spending more time outdoors than necessary is the last thing on your mind. That said, humidity and excess UV exposure are two of the most common reasons local homeowners call Shamrock Roofing and Construction for roof repair in Cedar Rapids. You may want to do the same. We can help you protect your roof before too much damage is done. 

Why is My Roof More Vulnerable in the Summer?

In short, the sun tends to dry out the oils found in most types of shingles. This weathering process weakens the structural integrity of the roof and leads to premature degradation. Thermal shock is also a reality in the summer months. Your roof will expand and shrink with quick shifts in temperature. These rapid changes may cause the shingles to split or crack, creating the need for roof repairs at a minimum and roof replacement in the worst case. 

Lastly, prolonged sun exposure due to longer summer days and increased UV intensity can fade the roof. Before you know it, your house is looking tired and bland. The good news is that there are things you can do to mitigate these challenges. 

Hire a Roofing Company in Cedar Rapids to Complete Regular Inspections

One of the easiest ways to get your roof prepped for summer is to hire a team of roofers to complete an inspection. After the harsh winter and spring months, it’s worth the time and money to have an expert assess any spots that appear damaged or broken. With a simple inspection, you can identify problem areas and get them fixed before the heat of summer takes its toll.

Consider a “Cool” Roof

Another way to curb the summer heat is to install a cool roof. These trendy roofs are made of reflective material that pushes heat back into the atmosphere vs. absorbing it into your roof shingles. This efficient technology saves your roof from early decay. It can also lower your utility bills — a double win! 

Any reputable roofing company in Cedar Rapids should be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to selecting the right ”cool roof” material, but composite, metal, terra cotta, or ceramic, all of which are available with UV-reflective coatings, are great choices. 

Improve Ventilation

One of the top calls for roof repair in Cedar Rapids, especially during the steamy summer months, stems from poor (or completely absent) ventilation. A good ventilation system helps keep your home cool and fresh despite summer’s best efforts to bring the heat in. If you notice inward-facing exhaust pipes or out-of-service attic fans, it’s time to call your roofer for a ventilation check.

Plant More Trees

Trees that are planted too close to the house can have an adverse impact on the roof. But trees that provide a full, leafy canopy — planted the proper distance from the house — can really help bring temperatures down inside. Mature trees provide cover from the sun’s harsh UV rays, which protects the shingles and helps extend the life of the roof.

Get Your Roof Summer-Ready with Shamrock Roofing

Summer weather is already here in the Cedar Rapids area, so it’s time to start making plans to protect your roof. If you want to establish a partnership with the best roofing company in Cedar Rapids, contact us at Shamrock Roofing and Construction. We’ll help you beat the heat this summer and keep your roof functioning properly for years to come!