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Protect Your Roof with Proper Landscaping

Home maintenance is a lifelong process. Or, at least, a many-year process. It goes on for as long as you own your home, which for most people is decades. A great deal of time and effort go into managing the care of your most prized asset. And while many homeowners recognize the importance of attending to the roof, most have never considered how their home’s landscaping can impact the roof’s health and longevity. 

Yes, you read that right. Your choice of landscape style and design can actually harm your roof. Read on to learn more. 

Think About Spacing

Landscaping is mainly aesthetic and often short-term, but you have to think long-term when considering your roof’s health. Proper spacing is an aspect of landscape design that many homeowners overlook. When planting trees and shrubs, you may notice that each variety comes with an expected height and width. If you don’t pay attention to these measurements, you may end up with roots that tear up your foundation or excessive shade that creates a moist environment for mold and mildew to flourish. Any roofer in Cedar Rapids will recommend you consult with a local arborist or landscape designer before selecting and planting vegetation around your home. 

Schedule Regular Tree Maintenance

Many homeowners spend years waiting for their chosen trees to reach peak maturity. That’s why pruning them back sometimes feels like going in the wrong direction. But damage from overgrown branches and the loose debris they create is one of the leading reasons for the calls we get for roof repair in Cedar Rapids. It’s best to add regular tree pruning to your home maintenance to-do list. This simple maintenance task can save you a lot of headaches in the long run. 

Consider Adding Deciduous Varieties

Many homeowners in Cedar Rapids and other cities throughout the Midwest are attracted to evergreen varieties. It’s hard to beat the lush, long-lasting foliage during the dull winter months. However, even the most novice roofer in Cedar Rapids knows that deciduous trees are a better choice for your home — and your roof. Cedar Rapids gets a lot of snow. When the roof is covered by greenery, it blocks the sun, allowing the snow to stay on the roof for an extended period. This creates an opportunity for roof algae and moss to multiply. Unfortunately, these biological critters love to feed off common roofing particles, leading to premature erosion and eventual collapse. 

Replace Any Ominous-Looking Trees or Branches

A last resort would be to remove any problem trees and replace them with something a bit more suitable for your roof. We know that chopping down a mature tree can be pretty painful, so always check with a local landscape expert (or your roofer) before making this tough decision to determine whether it’s really necessary or not.

Let Shamrock Roofing Help Keep Your Roof Safe!

At Shamrock Roofing and Construction, we take pride in putting safety first. During our free roof inspection, we offer a thorough and honest assessment of your roof’s health so you know exactly where you stand. We can also provide advice on how your current landscape situation may impact your roof in the long run. As one of the most reputable companies for roof repair in Cedar Rapids, you can’t go wrong with Shamrock. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your free roof inspection!