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Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor In Kansas City

Replacing a roof is no easy task. It requires quite a bit of time, money, and the your roofing companies in KC to complete the job efficiently. Before you go ahead and hire just any premier roofing company in Kansas City, there are some crucial questions you should ask a roofing contractor in Kansas City. 


Are you licensed? 

One of the first questions you should ask a roofing contractor is if they are licensed by the state. Requirements will vary by state, so check to see if one is necessary. For example, roofing contractors in Kansas City must be registered with the Kansas Attorney General’s office and be in good standing to provide lawful roofing services. 


Do you have workers’ compensation? 

The second most important question to ask roofing companies in Kansas City is if they have both workman’s compensation and liability insurance. As a homeowner, this is crucial for your hired roofing company to have for your protection. Worker’s comp is what protects you, as a homeowner, in the instance an employee is injured on your property. 


Do you carry liability insurance? 

While workers’ comp protects you from paying any medical expenses for an injured employee, liability insurance protects your home from any damage that may ensue on your property during the roofing process. The best roofer in Kansas City will have both workers’ comp and liability insurance.  


Will my old shingles be removed? 

One would think that getting a new roof involves the removal of the old roof. However, it’s not uncommon for roofers to shingle over an existing roof; however, this doesn’t identify any possible problems that are developing underneath the shingles, like wood rot. Roof damage from falling trees or heavy snow will most likely require a replacement instead of a repair. Ask roofing contractors in Kansas City if they will remove your current roof to guarantee any issues are identified.   


Do you offer a warranty? 

Ask the best roofer in Kansas City about the warranty of your roof. The roofer will typically guarantee the work, while the roofing manufacturer guarantees the material.  


How will you protect my house? 

Along with liability insurance, you will want to know what equipment the contractor plans on using and bringing onto your property. It is also good to ask what steps they will take to ensure the safety of your property, such as windows and gutters.