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Repair or Replace? How to Decide What’s Best for Your Home

The roof of your home is one of your most significant assets. It protects your house, your family, and your belongings. Its protective nature is one of the biggest reasons to engage in proper maintenance and regular inspection year-round. A consistent maintenance routine keeps your roof in great shape and helps avoid the costs associated with a complete roof redo before its time. The question: repair or replace?

That said, there are times when a new roof is the best (and only) option. In this case, ensuring you have the knowledge and professional help of an experienced team of roofers in Kansas City, Missouri, is a must. Here are a few situations when replacing your roof might be a more necessary or better option than repairing it.

Your Roof Has Suffered Severe Damage

The extreme and unpredictable nature of Kansas City weather is often what keeps Kansas roofing companies in business! The Midwest is prone to natural disasters like tornadoes, hail, and heavy rains. These events can really take a toll on your roof, no matter how well you maintain it throughout the year. If you suspect that the latest storm caused more than average damage to your roof – or if you notice leaks after a storm – calling in trusted professionals for roof repairs in Kansas City, to help you evaluate the damage and determine its severity is a good idea. If the damage is too severe, it might be time for a roof replacement.

City Code Requirements

Roofers in Kansas City, MO, are well-versed in city codes and standards. It’s their job to stay abreast of changes in regulations; they have to do this to maintain licensure. Professional Kansas roofing contractors can provide guidance on whether or not your roof meets zoning specifications. In some instances, codes may change, and the change could mean that your roof no longer complies. While the city won’t immediately make you put on a new roof to comply with the new regulations, when your old one is shot, you’ll need to ensure that the new roof meets code. This situation is definitely one where you’ll want to hire a team of experts on roofing in Overland Park to make the call. 

Age and Materials

Residential (and commercial) roofs come with an average life expectancy. These timelines are usually dependent on the type of materials used during the initial installation of the roof. Consulting with a roofing expert can help you determine when your home is due for a new roof versus continuing with maintenance and minor repairs for the next several years.

Roofing in Kansas City has Never Been Easier

When it comes time to decide whether to repair or replace your roof, Shamrock Roofing and Construction offers a well-qualified team of roofers in Kansas City, to assist in the decision. Whether you need to consult someone regarding city code or want an assessment of roof damage after a tough winter, we’re here to help. We’ll even inspect your roof free of charge and help you decide on next steps. Give us a call today!