Repair or Replace? How to Tell What’s Best

tree fallen on roof

Severe thunderstorms often bring high winds, hail, and other turbulent conditions. They sometimes take their toll on the surrounding landscape. After such a storm sweeps through the area, it may be time for a roof repair. McKinney, Texas, is no stranger to severe thunderstorms. If you live in the area, it’s important to have a partnership with a roofing contractor for storm damage repair. McKinney also experiences extreme heat, which can also lead to premature wear on your shingles or tiles. 

When you wake up to shingles in the yard or rain leaking into your home, it’s difficult to decide the next course of action. This is why it’s essential to have a local company — such as Shamrock Roofing and Construction — that can provide you with a free roof inspection. The biggest question at this point may be whether you should repair or replace the roof. 

Here are some tips from the pros at Shamrock Roofing to help you make the right choice. 

How Bad is the Damage?

The most critical step in deciding whether you need repairs or a replacement is having a clear picture of how bad the damage is. Storm damage isn’t the only thing that can cause problems on the roof, and you must understand the signs of potential trouble spots. 

Signs that You Need Repairs

If the damage isn’t too bad, you may only need repairs instead of a complete replacement. The following scenarios fall into this category in most instances. 

Leaks Around the Pipe Boot or Chimney

If water is getting in around these two areas, it can usually be easily fixed. Minor gaps or small cracks can be patched up without substantial alterations to the roof. 

Cracking and Blistering

These two problems are normal by-products of extreme heat. If you live in a hot area, unfortunately, this comes with the territory. Shingles that have started to crack or blister need a simple replacement. 

Weather Damage

High winds from severe storms become a problem when shingles start blowing off. Hail is another concern that can lead to holes in your roof. However, both of these can usually be taken care of with a routine repair job. 

Signs that You Need a Replacement

Two major factors typically enter the picture when it comes to replacing the roof. The first and most common is the age of the roof. The second is the quality of the installation. 

Age Matters

A typical quality roof installation should last 25-30 years. This number may vary slightly depending on the amount of damage the roof has taken over the years. But the 25-year mark is when you should begin to inspect the roof more frequently. 

At some point, you’ll start noticing shingles slipping for no apparent reason, cracks, brittle areas, and other signs of general wear. This is when you should start planning to have it replaced. 

So Does Installation

A poor installation job often means your roof needs to be replaced much sooner than 25 years. When you begin to notice significant issues within the first year or two of installation, it could be a sign of poor workmanship by the contractor. In this case, your next course of action should be to call the company and ask about your warranty. 

Need Roof Repair in McKinney, TX?

If you need storm damage repair in McKinney, TX, or have any other roofing concerns, it’s important you deal with an expert. Contact us at Shamrock roofing for your free roof inspection. We’ll let you know exactly where the issues are and what to do about them. Whether you need roof repairs or a whole new roof, we’ve got you covered!