Repair or Replace Your Roof? Here’s How to Make the Call

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Owning a home is a great source of pride and comfort. It’s fun to invest time and energy in making the place beautiful and creating a space that fits your personality, but home maintenance is equally important. The roof of your home is one area that deserves plenty of attention when it comes to upkeep. A roof’s protective qualities and its ability to improve your home’s value are just a few of the many reasons to include an annual residential roof inspection in your yearly maintenance plans.

However, even the most consistent maintenance routine won’t let you dodge roof replacement in Omaha when your roof meets certain milestones. Sometimes, a total replacement is the only option. Shamrock Roofing and Construction suggests the following tips and tricks for identifying when it’s time to replace your roof and when you can get away with making minor repairs instead.

Age and Materials

All residential rooftops come with an expiration date. Life expectancy varies based on the type of roofing materials used during the initial installation. The best roofers in Omaha are well-versed in the average lifespans of all roofing materials and can help you estimate your roof’s longevity. Providing your roofer with information such as when the roof was installed and records of any damage it’s suffered over the years will help them give you a more accurate prediction of your roof’s remaining life.

Assess Damage and Severity

Living in Omaha, you know that the weather can be unpredictable and quite harsh, especially during the winter months. If your home has ever encountered damage from a tornado, hail, or other natural elements, this plays a role in your roof’s long-term health. A residential roof inspection will unveil any damage from adverse weather conditions and note the severity of the damage. You’ll want to take this information into consideration when deciding whether to repair or replace your roof. 

City Restrictions

Another consideration when determining your next roofing move is the location of your home. City codes dictate the type of roofing structures permissible in many neighborhoods. This is another piece of the puzzle to consider. When evaluating whether to repair or replace your roof, the best roofers in Omaha are familiar with city guidelines and can help you make the right call.

Still Undecided? Give Shamrock Roofing a Call!

Making the decision on whether to repair or replace your roof structure is a tall order. If you feel intimidated or uncertain of the right move, give our team of experts a chance to ease your mind. Shamrock Roofing and Construction has four decades of experience assessing roof quality, repairing damage, and installing total roof replacements. Contact us to schedule your residential roof inspection today!