Replacing a Roof? Consider These Upgrades

The roof of your home is an important feature. It protects your home and family from inclement weather, pests, and tree branches. It also beautifies the neighborhood by upping the property’s curb appeal. That’s why many homeowners opt for a roofing upgrade when it’s time for a roof replacement. 

That said, sifting through the wide variety of roofing options can be overwhelming. That’s why finding a roofing company in Arkansas that understands the pros and cons of each roofing style or upgrade is a must. 

Shamrock Roofing and Construction is glad to help homeowners wade through their choices to find the one that works best for their home. Here’s a list of our favorite roof upgrades for 2023. See if one seems like the solution to your needs.

Pick a New Shingle

A materials upgrade is one of the best ways to give your roof a new look. The upgrade can be anything from a different style or color of composite shingle to a completely different roofing material. Environmentally friendly shingles have been on the rise and growing in popularity across the country. Solar shingles or other reflective materials such as metal are not only great for your home, but they can also be purchased in a variety of color schemes, shapes, and textures, making them both economical and aesthetically pleasing. In short, “cool roofs” (literally and figuratively) are the envy of homeowners across the metro area. 

Design a Green Rooftop Garden

Experts on roofing in Arkansas have grown to love the rooftop garden trend. This modern roofing upgrade does more than add space for entertainment and Zen. It’s also quite functional. Green roofs provide shade, redirect heat, and assist with absorbing rainwater so your roof doesn’t take a beating during the stormy season. Plus, they offer excellent resale value for your home when it’s time to sell. With so many perks, this is definitely an upgrade to consider!

Add a Protective Feature

If you’re looking for a less dramatic way to upgrade your rooftop, you might consider adding new functional components such as a chimney cap, upgraded ventilation, or a more efficient gutter system. Each of these products offers a decent return on investment. 

A chimney cap keeps warm air from seeping out when your fireplace is not in use, while a new ventilation system regulates the temperature better in your home regardless of the season. Gutters are another functional feature that every roofing company in Arkansas recommends. Gutters help direct rainwater away from your home’s siding and foundation. They also prevent water from backing up under roofing materials, leading to mold, mildew, and major water damage. If your home doesn’t already have a gutter system — or yours is worn out — this is a great upgrade to do in spring weather.

Ready to Upgrade? Call Shamrock Roofing and Construction

We know you have many choices when it comes to selecting the right team for your roofing upgrade. Shamrock Roofing and Construction has homeowners in Fayetteville covered when it comes to roofing in Arkansas. We treat our customers’ homes as if they’re our own. If you’re ready for a roofing upgrade, we can help. We even offer a free roof inspection to get you started! Contact us today to learn more about our residential roofing services. We’ll walk you through the upgrade process and ensure you’re satisfied with the results!