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Replacing a Roof? Here’s How We Do It

tearing off old roof

Here at Shamrock Roofing and Construction, we have a unique process for installing your new roof. We’ve developed it through 55 years of providing residential roofing services to Overland Park homeowners. It’s this attention to detail that we feel puts us ahead of the competition.

Our process involves five steps. Everyone we hire learns this process inside and out. It begins with a consultation and one of our free roof repair estimates. We’ll evaluate your existing roof and create an action plan for replacing it if it’s necessary. We also specialize in roof repair, a viable option for many homeowners, especially when the roof has been well-maintained over the years. 

Here’s our process in a nutshell. 

Step 1: Prep

We care about your property. Our first step is to prep the property, protecting your driveway, gutters, landscaping, and every other part of your home. We use a wheeled trailer to ensure that we don’t do damage to your driveway. We also bring in a catch-all, a net designed to catch shingles and debris and keep them off your property.

Step 2: Demo

Once we have the property prepped, the old roofing has to come off. During this process, we inspect the OSB boards for any rot. If we discover boards in bad condition, we replace them before going any further. We take great care to make sure the debris generated by tearing off your old roof is placed in our dumpster and does not end up anywhere else on your property. 

Step 3: Protect

Once your old roof is gone, and we’ve replaced any rotten OSB boards, it’s time to seal up your roof to prepare for the new shingles. We do this by installing a water barrier under the eaves and in the valleys on your roofing. We also add synthetic underlayment in addition to the standard underlayment. 

Step 4: Install

Now that the roof structure is ready, it’s time to install new shingles. Our experienced roofers expertly install each shingle according to the manufacturer’s directions. This ensures not only that the finished product is sound but that it also looks great when we’re done. An added bonus: This step keeps your manufacturer’s warranty intact.

The installation step varies slightly depending on the type of roof being installed, i.e., when we install a metal or tile roof.

Step 5: Clean

After we finish the roof installation, we do a final walk-around of the entire property to make sure it’s in the same or better shape than when we arrived. We don’t want to leave any debris in your yard or driveway. We even use a rolling magnet to make sure there are no rogue nails anywhere on the property. 

Shamrock Roofing Specializes in Installation and Roof Repair

We take great pride in our roofing installation process. Every roofer we hire is trained to our standards so that we deliver consistent service to all our customers.

Contact us today for more information. We offer free roofing inspections and free roofing repair estimates to get the process started. We look forward to working with you!