Replacing Your Roof? Consider Adding these Upgrades

Your home’s roof serves a lot of important roles. It protects your family and your belongings from outside elements while also making your home attractive, adding to its curb appeal. Real estate professionals believe that a well-functioning, high-quality roofing structure is the single best bargaining chip when negotiating a good price for the home when it’s time to sell. Your roof is a multi-purpose player. 

That’s why many homeowners who need a roof replacement in Arkansas consider upgrading the roof at the same time. Here are a few of the most popular roof upgrades commonly found in the Little Rock area.

Pick a New Shingle

A change in materials is one of the simplest ways to upgrade your roof. There are many different roofing products to choose from, including slate, metal, wood shakes, and composite. A professional roofer in Little Rock, AR, can help you select the perfect material to spruce up your home, one that takes into account your personality, lifestyle, and long-term plans. 

Are you happy with your current roofing style but still want to change things up? Consider selecting a bold new color scheme or an energy-efficient shingle. Switching out your roofing material is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your roof, and most homeowners consider it worth the investment.

Update the Ventilation System

Any roofer in Little Rock, AR, will tell you that the ventilation system is one of the most critical elements of the roofing system. Properly placed vents help whisk moisture away from your roof’s surface. Without them, you’re at risk for water damage and wood rot. Proper ventilation also helps move air around in the attic. This helps regulate the temperature in the house below. If you’re upgrading your roof, this is the time to ensure the ventilation system gets an upgrade too. 

Invest in Solar Energy

With the cost of living rising throughout the country, many homeowners are interested in the savings earned with an energy-efficient roof. Once financially out of reach for many homeowners, solar panels are now affordable. Solar shingles are also available for those who prefer to have something less obvious on the roof. Both items yield significant savings on utility bills. Plus, many cities and states offer tax rebates that help you cover the cost of this upgrade. 

Add a Rooftop Garden

Sustainability and environmentally conscious choices are buzzwords in today’s conversations and communities. As a homeowner, you can do your part by making your roof environmentally friendly. Adding a green roof or roof garden not only adds a peaceful place to rest and relax but also serves the community at large by helping to clean up the air. 

If you’re interested in installing a rooftop garden, ask your roofer to help you design the proper configuration, and check with the city to make sure your vision satisfies zoning requirements. Then put your green thumb to work, and enjoy this appealing, modern upgrade!

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