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Residential Roofing vs. Commercial Roofing in Kansas City

 Although every roof performs the same function of protection, not every roof is designed, installed, or functions the same way. The differences are between commercial and residential roofing. The best roofer in Kansas City, Shamrock Roofing and Construction, will help you better understand the differences between the two. Residential Roofing vs. Commercial Roofing in Kansas City.



If you drive around a city, you will notice nearly every buildings roof is either flat or has a shallow slope. Commercial buildings tend to be much taller and broader than residential buildings, which explain why an unobservable roof is ideal. From the street, commercial roofing in Kansas City isn’t very, if at all, visible, making the aesthetics of the roof less critical compared to the building itself. Residential roofing requires steep slopes, making the shingles much more noticeable. Color and style are more important for homes, as the roof can compliment and contribute to the homes architectural style.  



Both types of buildings will endure weather differently, which requires different roofing material. Like mentioned previously, residential roofs need more aesthetically pleasing materials like asphalt or wood shakes. These shingles are also designed to withstand snow and shed rainwater, which makes them the best option for residential roofs that have steeper slopes. Commercial roofs tend to receive more foot traffic than residential, so TPO or membrane material is the way to go. If you’re unsure which roofing material is best for your building, contact roofing contractors in Kansas City who can help your decision.  


Installation and Maintenance 

Just like everything else, the installation and maintenance between commercial and residential roofs are different. Residential roofs are much easier to install and maintain. Typically, the only obstacle for residential roofing is the chimney; whereas commercial roofs deal with pipes, smokestacks, and airflow systems. For commercial roofing in Kansas City, MO, you need a roofing company that provides expert commercial roofing contractors in Kansas City and knowledge on the right products for your building. 


 As a premier roofing company in Kansas City, Shamrock Roofing and Construction specializes in residential and commercial roofing in Kansas City, MOContact Shamrock Roofing today, and personally speak to one of our experts about how Shamrock can help provide you with your ideal roofing solution.