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Roof Alphabet: B is for Built-Up Roof

For hundreds of years, built-up roofing (BUR) has remained the most common roofing system used for low-slope, or “flat”, roofs. For example, BUR would be used for commercial roofing in Omaha, NE, because most commercial and industrial buildings have flat roofs and require a sealed surface. On the contrary, roofing companies in Omaha constructing residential buildings would use shingles, as they are the most effective for shedding water and provide the aesthetics a home needs.


BUR consists of alternating between bitumen (asphalt) and felts or ply sheets, then surfaced with aggregate (mineral granules). When hot, bitumen becomes a liquid during installation, and when it is cold it acts more as an adhesive. The ply sheets are reinforcing fabrics that lay over the bitumen. After layering, the aggregate serves as the top surface, completing the overall look of the built-up roof. The surfacing can also include glass-fiber, aluminum, or hot asphalt.


The your roofing companies in Omaha agree built-up roofing is exceptionally reliable due to its multi-layer system. You can guarantee your BUR roof will provide many years of protection. A BUR roof system for commercial roofing in Omaha has a lifespan anywhere between 15 to 55 years. There are many benefits of BUR, such as low maintenance, water resiliency, UV protection, and fire resistance. However, installation can take a while to complete and can be fairly costly.


Even though BUR requires little to no maintenance, a few things to look out for include separated seams, blisters, undulations, and cracks. Fortunately, all are relatively easy to fix, but if the problem is fairly significant, you need to call for emergency roof repair in Omaha before more damage occurs. It is suggested BUR roofs receive annual inspections from roofing contractors in Omaha.


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