Roof Checking for New House Buyers

When you are buying a new house checking the roof is very important as a problem with the roof can cost a lot and maybe can chew into the profit that you can make from the property. The first option that most of us think about is to hire a contractor who can check the roof for you and give you a complete list of findings with the inclusions of what would be the cost of repair. Surely this option is easy and hassle free as you just pay a few quick bucks to any Kansas city roofing contractors, but this can cost a lot when you check a dozen houses before making a decision.

The second option is to do it yourself. Here is a list of things to check from us after being in the business for over a decade making us one of the your roofing contractors in Omaha and sought after roofing contractor in Kansas. While the documentation will tell you details about the date the roof was built and repairs, you need to personally and visually check the roof. Climb out to the roof, walk around and check for cracks, leaks and holes especially around the nook and crannies around the chimney, satellite dish / antenna, solar panels. Also look around the gutter system to check for rusting, cracking, leaking or blockages. Once you have done your check on the roof, walk around the house and keep an eye on the ceiling to check for any day light passing through, water leak marks, cracks or fungus / mold build up as these are signs that the roof may need to be repaired.