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Roof Hero Giveaway

Roof Hero Giveaway

Shamrock Roofing is proud to support the men and women who keep this nation free. We believe that America is the land of the free only because it is the home of the brave. But too many of those brave warriors are living in poor housing conditions. Some need roofing repairs or even a new roof.

That’s where the “Roof 4 a Hero” program comes in. We take nominations from friends or family of warriors who need help with their roofs. We carefully review each nominee and select a winner who has served our country with honor and who deserves a new roof. Then we come out and build a new roof. It’s that simple.

It’s just another way to show that Shamrock cares and cares deeply about our Veterans and First Responders.

If you know a Veteran or  First Responder who needs roofing assistance – nominate your hero.

Basic rules: (This list is intended as a general guide)

  1. Entrants must live in Johnson, Wyandotte, Leavenworth and Jackson, Platte, and Clay Counties of Kansas or Missouri.
  2. Entrants must be honorably or medically discharged or Active Military/First Responders.
  3. Entrant must own their home & have insurance on it.
  4. The entrant (or representative of the entrant) must submit a DD214.
  5. Friends, family, or the Veteran/First Responders may submit an entry for the entrant.
  6. Entry must tell us about the nominee and why they need the roof.
  7. This is a ROOF REPLACEMENT.