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Roof Renewal

Roofs protect us against all weather conditions, such as rain showers, wind shoes and also the sun. It is therefore important that our roofs are in top condition. Unfortunately it is necessary to renew your roof every so often. Read here about renewing a sloping or flat roof, permit and handy tips so that you will have the perfect protection above your head again.

When Is Your Roof Ready For Renewal?

A roof must be strong enough to bear twice its own weight. The load on the roof is heavy in heavy rain or snowfall during the winter. Do you suffer from leaks or is the life of your roof covering finished? Then your roof needs to be renewed.

Flat roofing lasts an average of 55 years and sloping roofing an average of 70 years. Rainwater and dirt easily rinse off the sloping roof. 

Renewal Of Sloping Roof

Sloping roofs last a very long time. This is because leaves, rainwater and dirt simply slide off the roofs. Nevertheless, the extreme weather conditions effects are shown after decades. If the roof no longer keeps rainwater out, it is time to renew the roof covering. The cheapest type of roofing on sloping roofs is roof tiles.

Renewing a sloping roof is dangerous work. It is a lot safer if the right measures are taken. You have to place a special scaffolding so that working is safe and easy. The renovation of the roof starts after the scaffolding has been placed. Roof workers often use roofing tiles, reed or metal roofing to renew sloping roofs. Do you choose roof tiles? The costs of a completely new roof per m2 are then the lowest.

Steps To Follow When Renewing A Sloping Roof:

  • Placing special scaffolding around the roof;
  • removal of the old roof covering;
  • removal of insulation layer and roofing sheets if necessary;
  • tensioning coverings over the open roof to protect the home in the meantime;
  • installing new roofing sheets and possibly roof insulation;
  • applying new roofing material;
  • waterproof finishing of the chimney;
  • possibly installing new roof gutters.
  • The time a roofer is busy renovating the roof depends on the type of roofing material.

Replace Flat Roof

The roofing on a flat roof has a hard time. Rain and dirt often stays for a long time, so the service life of flat roofs is less long than sloping roofs. Roof workers often use bitumen , EPDM or PVC to renew flat roofs . The costs of replacing a flat roof in Omaha, NE are relatively low, this is due to the cheaper materials. The cheap EPDM and bitumen are already available.

Steps To Follow When Renewing A Flat Roof:

  • Removing or drying and removing dust from the old roof covering;
  • applying any roof insulation;
  • foldless application of the new roof covering with glue (EPDM and PVC) or a burner (bitumen and PVC)
  • sweeping the new layers of roofing;
  • finishing the eaves, sealing the seams so that the whole is watertight;
  • placing eaves for a nice finish of the new roof.
  • The time a roofer is busy renovating the roof depends on the type of roofing material.

Tips To Save With Roof Insulation:

Did you know that up to 30% of the heat in the house is lost through the roof? Roof insulation helps you to retain heat and you will notice this in your falling energy bill. On average you can save a huge amount per year with roof insulation. Therefore, have roof insulation installed immediately during the renovation of the roof covering . The average costs for installing roof insulation are between much less. In almost all cases, you earn back the investment in roof insulation.

Renewal Saving Roof Tips:

Renewing your roof is quite an investment. Fortunately, there are enough ways to save without compromising on quality. Get to know about useful saving tips below.

Compare All The Roof Renewal Cost:

Save easily by comparing different types of  roofing. There are many ways to renew the roof with different price. For example, the price for renewing a roof can vary by up to 30%. Compare not only the total costs, but also what is / is not included such as travel costs and the removal of the old roofing material. In addition to the costs, note delivery times, warranty conditions, reviews and whether the roofer is in possession of quality marks.

Check Quality Marks:

See if the material has a quality marks. Roof with quality mark has good quality and safe working conditions. In addition, these roof has an eye for sustainability and the environment. That way you know for sure that your roof renovation is in good hands.