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Roof Requirements in Leawood

Leawood, Kansas, is a unique neighborhood. Established in its present version in the 1920s, this modern community is highly sought after for its mature trees and quiet streets. Composed of both older homes and new construction, Leawood is now one of the wealthiest suburbs in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

As one might imagine, neighborhoods of this caliber often have rules and restrictions in place to preserve the look and feel of the community for those who live here. This helps preserve the value of the properties in the area and maintain the neighborhood’s unique personality. Leawood is no exception. 

If you live in Leawood and are planning to install a new roof — or make changes to the one you have — you’ll need to make sure the work is done with city codes and guidelines. Any of the professional roofers in Leawood — such as Shamrock Roofing and Construction — should be familiar with all city codes and be willing to pull permits for any roof work you’re having done.

A Permit is Required

Permits are required for roofing projects within Leawood city limits. If you’re working with a Leawood roofing company, they should be able to handle this process for you. To receive the permit, an application outlining the project blueprint and any planned materials is required. In addition, your contractor must be licensed and registered with the State of Kansas. 

Material Stipulations

The best roofers in Leawood are well-versed in city code requirements when it comes to the use of certain roofing materials. However, it’s beneficial for homeowners to be familiar with the code’s stipulations, as well. The Leawood city website provides a complete listing of approved materials and is easily accessible to homeowners. 

Once you’ve chosen a Leawood roofing company, you’ll work with them to determine the type of material you’ll use for your roofing project. It’s a good idea to check the website for any additional provisions once you’ve picked out the type of material you need. The city mandates size and grade for many roofing materials. Checking this list before work starts is imperative if you want to avoid delays, tickets, or fines. Your residential roofer can help with this.

Make Time for an Inspection

A thorough inspection is also required by the city. The inspection process is pretty painless, but it is included with the permit fee, and it is a mandate for any new roof installations or replacement projects. Your roofer will walk you through the process and answer any questions you (or the inspector) may have about the project. Don’t delay in getting this checkup on your calendar. Roofers get quite busy during warm weather. You don’t want your project to get delayed by having to wait for a roof inspection.

Choose the Best Roofers in Leawood for Your Roofing Project

Shamrock Roofing and Construction has been serving the roofing needs of homeowners in Leawood and throughout the rest of the Kansas City metro area for more than 55 years. We have the experience needed to work on homes of all sizes. We’re also familiar with city codes throughout the area. Our trusted team of roofers will complete a free roof inspection and then help you through the entire repair or installation process. Contact us today for more information about roof repair in Leawood. We’ll make sure it’s done right!