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Ways to Keep Your New Roof From Failing

Investing in a new roof is an investment for any Overland Park homeowner. Watching that new roof fail in just a few years can be utterly devastating. We all want to make sure a new roof lasts as long as possible. Hiring the best roofers in Overland Park to install your new roof is a great start, but what else can you do to ensure your investment lasts? Read on to find out.

advice from the best roofers in Johnson County have wayts to Keep Your New Roof From Failing

1. Make sure your roof is installed using high-quality materials. High-quality materials may cost a bit more, but the longevity they provide your roof more than makes up for the upfront cost. When looking into various materials, there are a number of different factors to take into account. Hiring a top Overland Park roofer can help make the decision easier.

  • Material Weight: You need to be sure that your materials don’t weigh more than the maximum load your roof can carry.
  • Lifespan of Materials: Your premium Overland Park roofing contractor can help you compare materials and determine the length of time each option will last, ranging from 20-30+ years.
  • Strength & Sturdiness: Making sure your roof withstands a variety of weather conditions is especially important in an area like Johnson County with its greatly varied weather.
  • Fire Grade: Different roofing materials are rated from an A to C based on how well they can handle exposure to a fire.

2. Make sure your roof is installed correctly. Even if you use the highest quality materials, if your roof is installed poorly, it can still fail quickly. Choose some of the best residential roofing contractors in Overland Park, like Sunshine Roofing, to guarantee your roof will be installed properly.

3. Make sure your skylights and chimney are waterproofed using flashings.
Flashing is used to reinforce areas that are especially prone to leaking, such as vents, chimneys, skylights, etc. Occasionally, your flashings will be in good condition and will be able to be reused. Otherwise, your flashings will need to be removed and replaced with the rest of your roof. A premium Overland Park roofing company will help you determine if your flashings should be reused or replaced.

4.Make sure you have proper attic ventilation. Here in Johnson County, our summers are hot and humid, and winters can be bitter cold. This leaves your roof susceptible to overheating in the summer and severe ice dams in the winter unless you have proper ventilation in your attic. There are a variety of factors that come into play when determining how much ventilation is adequate. The best roofers in Johnson County will make sure your attic is well ventilated when they install your new roof.

Being informed of the factors that ensure the longevity of your roof will help you find choose residential roofing contractors in Johnson County. Shamrock Roofing will be able to meet all your roofing needs.