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Roofing Alphabet: C is for Cool Roof

No, a cool roof does not mean a cool-looking roof. A cool roof is a term for a roof that can reflect heat and ultraviolet wavelengths off of its surface. Cool roofs have become a recent trend within the past few years due to it being an eco-friendly option and having many benefits not only for residential roofing but for commercial roofing in Omaha, Nebraska too.


You may have heard the term in passing or when talking to the best roofer in Omaha. Typically, a cool roof is either white or a lighter color than the typical charcoal and black roof that over 90% of homes have. You can probably imagine how hot dark roofs can reach in temperature during summer months, and if you guessed really hot, then you’re correct. A dark roof can reach up to a dangerous 190 °F.


How does a cool roof work?

A cool roof provides a reflective surface rather than an absorbing one. As a premier roofing company in Omaha, the best way to understand a cool roof is to compare it to wearing a white shirt versus a black shirt on a hot sunny day. You stay much cooler wearing white than you do black because black absorbs all the sun and has no reflective ability. This is the same concept as roofs.


The your roofing companies in KC can install a cool roof in a couple of ways. The first is by simply coating an existing roof with reflective pigments that protect against UV and chemical damage. If you are replacing your roof, ask roofing contractors in Omaha about the different asphalt shingle options available. Most TPO roofs are white, which reflects the UV rays naturally. Tile roofs, which are made of clay, slate, or concrete, are also reasonably reflective enough to be considered a cool roof.



According to roofing companies in Omaha, cool roofs are very beneficial for a building and the environment. Because the roof is absorbing little heat, it will benefit the building and its occupants by creating comfortable temperatures inside. In turn, it saves money and energy due to a reduced need for air conditioning. Another advantage of going cool is that it will also extend the lifespan of a roof.


As for the environment, cool roofs transfer less heat into the atmosphere and decrease the amount that the Earth’s surface absorbs. Less heat in the atmosphere means cooler air and improved air quality, thus offsetting the emission of greenhouse gases. It all comes full circle.


As you can see, a cool roof has its benefits. If you are considering installing a cool roof, connect with a premier roofing company in Omaha to help you decide which is the best way to go about doing it.