Roofing Alphabet: E is for EPDM

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) ranks among the top roofing material for commercial roofing in Omaha, Nebraska, but can also be used on residential buildings as well. EPDM is a rubber roof that has many advantages that a premier roofing company in Omaha will discuss. This is the roofing alphabet: E is for EPDM in Omaha. 


Low Cost 

One of the biggest advantages of rubber roofs is its low cost compared to other materials. Not only is the material inexpensive, but so is the installation process on the decking when installed by one of the your roofing companies in Omaha. 



Roofing contractors in Omaha will tell you that an EPDM roof is quite impeccable when it comes to durability. The rubber roofing material can last up to over 50 years and requires very minimal care. Additionally, this material doesn’t scuff and is UV and fire resistant. 


Leak Resistant 

Along with its low cost and durability, EPDM is resistant in nearly all kinds of weather, from wind to rain to hail. This material installs in large, whole sheets, which helps avoid any water leaking through seams. If any leakage does occur, it is very easy to repair by the best roofer in Omaha. 


Just like there are advantages with every roofing system, there are always disadvantages as well, and EPDM is no exception. First off, not all roofing contractors in Omaha are familiar with installing EPDM. If you choose to use EPDM as your roofing material, make sure your contractor has experience in this installation process.  


Secondly, a rubber roof is not very attractive. Roofing companies in Omaha recommend using EPDM for commercial buildings instead of residential, or for something such as a shed or a carport. EPDM is also a black material, making it more susceptible to absorbing sun that ultimately can heat the building as well. Fortunately, there are light color coatings that can be applied to reflect heat, but it will increase the cost per square feet.