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Roofing Alphabet: G is for Gutter System

At Shamrock Roofing and Construction, we know that roofing and gutters go hand in hand. Without a quality gutter system, your home and roof become more susceptible to water intrusion and damage, which is why we offer gutter services as a Kansas City roofing company Here’s a roofing alphabet: G is for gutter system in Kansas City.


Gutters are extremely necessary for a home and have much more of a purpose than many people realize. A gutter’s primary responsibility is to keep rainwater off the roof and from tarnishing the home’s foundation. With no gutter system to direct rain runoff, it will slowly wash away soil, leading to the erosion of your homes foundation and/or needing roof repair in Kansas City 


What are gutter guards?   

When we install a new roof in Kansas City, we strongly suggest to our customers to invest in EZ-Lock powder coated gutter screens. Gutter screens/guards are a very efficient and smart way to keep debris out and avoid any clogging that may occur. Residential roofing contractors in Kansas City say when your gutters are clogged, the rainwater has nowhere to go but over the edge and near the foundation. Gutter guards are your best bet at avoiding expensive repairs a clogged gutter can cause.   


Other problems of clogged gutters 

Clogged gutters during the winter can be extremely detrimental, as the trapped water can increase the risk of ice dam formation and potentially weighing the gutters down, pulling them off from the house. Ice dams cause leakage into a roof, as well as damage walls, ceilings, and more, forcing you to call Kansas City roofing contractors to repair your roof. Not only that, but without water running off in a correct manner, rainwater can damage your yard, such as drowning any plants and vegetation.  


Guttering Service 

If you take a look at your home’s guttering system and notice they are clogged or damaged, as a Kansas City roofer, we highly recommend calling us at Shamrock Roofing and Construction for repair. Our guttering services include installing new gutters, gutter repair, debris removal, and installing gutter screens. For more information on guttering, give us a call at (913) 850-6556 for the best roofer in Kansas City to do the job.