Roofing Alphabet: V is for Valley

A roof “valley” is the part of a roof where two adjoining slopes meet to form a V angle. This part of the roof, according to Overland Park roofing companies, is a very problem-prone area for leaks. In this article, we are going to discuss two different types of valleys – open and closed valleys.  

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Open Valley 

An open valley is a sheet of metal that is fastened to the roof’s deck and have roofing shingles cut and sealed to overlap. When a Overland Park roofer properly installs an open valley, it should stay in tack for a long time. Open valleys are favored among residential roofing contractors in Overland Park for its ability to shed ice and water quickly due to its metal material. If it does happen to leak, open valleys are much easier to repair than closed valleys. For aesthetic purposes, the metal is typically painted to complement the roofs shingles.  

Closed Valley 

Another popular type of valley is a closed valley. Closed valleys have been popular among Johnson County roofing contractors for years because of its aesthetic quality and easy installation process. Where you can see the metal on an open valley, a closed valley has shingles installed across the joint. This type of valley, according to roofers in Overland Park, is more cost-effective, but it does not shed water and ice as quickly as an open valley would. Because of this, the channeling of water may cause granule loss during a storm and will most likely be the first part of your roof to break down. 

When it comes to discussing a roof with homeowners, many only worry about the color and type of shingle they want installed. However, very few know the difference between an open and closed valley. If you notice any problem or leak with your roof’s valleys, contact Shamrock Roofing and Construction. We are a trusted Overland Park roofing company offering both the construction of a new roof and emergency roof repair in Johnson County.