Roofing Company St. Louis has a Residential Maintenance Program to Protect Your Home

Many homeowners do not want to get on top of their roofs, and many are not physically able to do so. So how will a homeowner know when something needs to be repaired on their roof? Someone needs to inspect your roof at least once per year for everyday wear and tear, as well as storm damage. It’s best to hire a licensed and insured roofing company St. Louis to help you with this task.

Aging Roofs

What does it look like to have wear and tear on your roof? What causes this damage? When your roof is installed, a quality roof installation team will put caulking on all of the hardware that is used to install plumbing vents, skylights, chimneys, etc. But weather effects such as heat, cold, ice, rain, and wind cause the caulking to deteriorate and erode away. This leaves the hardware exposed, causing rusting. If maintenance is not performed to reseal these connection points, water eventually gets into your home. These are pictures of deteriorated caulking over nails that were used to install vents on the roof of a home.

You can hire a quality roofing company such as Shamrock Roofing and Construction to complete the necessary inspection and maintenance. Below are pictures of the vents after the maintenance has been completed. Notice that you can no longer see the nails, as they have been covered by fresh caulking. Hiring a professional roofing company in St. Louis to protect the roof for years to come is easy, as Shamrock Roofing and Construction has a Residential Maintenance program to help you protect the investment you’ve put into your home. 

Storm Damage

Another essential reason to call your roofing company St. Louis is to have an inspection completed to determine if there is storm damage to your roof. High winds or hail damage can come at any time. The spring and fall seasons in St. Louis are especially volatile. Severe weather conditions cause damage such as missing shingles or divots in the shingles. If you notice dents in any guttering on your home, this is also a good indication that your roof may have storm damage. 

Shamrock Roofing and Construction in St. Louis will gladly send out roofing contractor St. Louis to inspect your roof. They can work with your insurance company to determine if there is enough damage to warrant a homeowner’s insurance claim. Even if there is minimal damage, it’s important to replace missing or damaged shingles to prevent water from entering your home and causing additional damage. Scheduling annual roof inspections with a roofing repair company in St. Louis will give you peace of mind that your real estate investment, whether residential or commercial, will be protected. The following pictures show that the missing shingles have been replaced:

In conclusion, yearly inspections of your roof are important. If you cannot or do not want to complete them yourself, remember that Shamrock Roofing and Construction has a roofing contractor in St. Louis to help you. They are skilled at spotting damage and will work with your and your insurance company to get repairs done with as little stress to you as possible! Contact Shamrock St. Louis today!