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Roofing Problems – Part 1

Damaged or Lost Material: 

Roofs are exposed to the wrath of nature 24 hours of the day all year long, and during this time with the change in seasons of Omaha, your roof surely takes the beating the most. Some common issues such as missing tiles or shingles due to heavy winds and damaged and worn out material could pose some serious major long term issues if not fixed. 

We often ignore minor problems in our busy life but we advise that these minor issues be fixed the moment you spot it to avoid getting into a situation like replacing the roof.

Timely Maintenance: 

We clean, paint and repair walls and doors to keep the house we live in to look the best and reduce repair costs and sometimes we also spend a few extra dollars to avoid damages like rubber edges and protectors, then why do we neglect roof maintenance and care? 

Is it because the complete roof is not visible ?

It is important to conduct timely roof maintenance and cleaning to avoid damages or and avoid health and property hazards. Walk around the roof and look for wear and tear, missing parts or materials, leakage or moss / alge build up. 

Give us a call for if you find something you are not able to fix or dont know or even just because you dont have the time to maintain your roof. Shamrock Roofing Omaha provides free inspection and if you require we can take up regular maintenance contracts.