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Roofing Problems – Part 2

External Factors: 

Sure we all love to be surrounded with greenery like large trees which provides natural shade from the sun and in some cases when trees provide shade to your house it also reduces the cost of cooling during the summers. But these trees also pose a danger to roofs.

Broken branches, twigs and fallen leaves could get stuck in the tile wedges affecting the ventilation, it can also clog the gutter system and in some cases we are unable to unclog it and would need replacement. 

Worst case scenario large broken branches could fall during a storm and cause serious damages leading to large expenses or serious roofing issues. Trim the trees to keep large branches away from the roof and clean up twigs and leaves regularly about once or twice in a month. 


The most common problem faced in commercial roofing system and home roofing systems is leakages. 

This can lead to many other related issues like dripping water, fungus buildup, rusting and rotting of materials. All of these issues reduce structural strength and health of the roof or in some cases a complete collapse. Pay attention to this issue and take immediate action to fix it to avoid major expenses and damages. 

Contact Shamrock Roofing Omaha for any roofing issues, our team of expert roofing contractors will be dispatched for your service to provide end to end solutions for commercial roofing and home roofing requirements.