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Roofing Terminology 101: What’s a Roof Rake?

heavy snow on roof

The winter months are in full swing. If you live in the St. Louis area, you know the winter season can be sneaky and unpredictable. A heavy snowfall or two is inevitable, and even the strongest roofs can quickly suffer damage from the weight of too much snow. That’s why Shamrock Roofing and Construction recommends that every St. Louis homeowner invest in a good roof rake. 

So What is a Roof Rake? 

Snow and ice buildup can be extremely harmful to your home. Too much accumulation places structural stress on your rooftop, gutters, and eaves. A roof rake is a handy tool designed to remove snow and ice that accumulates on the roof during heavy snowfalls. The flat “rake” portion of the device sits atop a long, extendable pole. This tool can be used to remove snow and ice, reducing the opportunity for other occurrences such as ice damming or an avalanche. With consistent use, a roof rake keeps your roof clear of damaging snows and helps you avoid the need for storm damage repair in St. Louis once the winter months expire. 

Here are some features to consider when purchasing your first roof rake.

#1. Dimensions and Metrics

The pole portion of the roof rake is extremely important when it comes to safety and maneuverability. A rake with an adjustable pole is the most practical. You can find rakes with poles ranging from 14 to 22 feet, offering plenty of lenth to access those hard-to-reach surfaces. Once you’re finished with them, the handle retracts for convenient storage. Consider the highest peak of your home, and opt for a tool that fits this measurement. You’ll also want to consider the rake’s weight; you’ll want to purchase one that’s manageable for those who plan to use it.

#2. Materials

The material your roof rake is made of makes a difference. During a roof inspection in St. Louis, you can pick the brain of your roofer to make sure you don’t select a material that will cause damage to your roof surfaces. Aluminum is a popular choice because it’s strong but also lightweight. Tough plastic molds, polyethylene, or metal rakes with installed rubber guards are additional possibilities.

#3. A Flexible Handle

The handle of the rake is another thing to think about. Invest in a rake with a handle that features a slight crook in it. This flexible feature allows you to rake your roof both vertically and horizontally with minimal effort. You’ll enjoy the versatility of the curved handle and will have the job done in no time!

Need Help Selecting the Right Tool? We’ve Got You Covered!

Shamrock Roofing and Construction is a trusted brand in the roofing industry. Our specialties include both residential and commercial roofing. Whether you need a commercial roof inspection in St. Louis or you’re a homeowner in need of the perfect roof rake, our team of experts is here to help. Visit our website or give us a call today for answers to all your roofing questions!