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Sell Don’t Dwell: Meet a Shamrock Project Manager

When getting your roof replaced or repaired, you’ll work with a talented project manager from Shamrock Roofing and Construction. 

These men and women walk our homeowners through the entire process, from filing an insurance claim to seeing a gorgeous, completed roof. 

Shamrock project managers are trained extensively before going out in the field on their own. Jon Hughes has been with Shamrock Roofing for nearly two years. All our PMs are 1099, which means they choose their work hours.  

“The job itself can be as laid back or hectic as you want it to be,” said Hughes. “As for me, I try to be as productive as possible, while finding a happy balance with my personal life.” 

Hughes commutes an hour and forty minutes to the Overland Park headquarters. If he doesn’t have a busy morning, he’ll regroup at the office. After touching base with his fellow PMs, he’ll check out a truck, load his supplies, and hit the road. 

Most project managers get assigned two to three leads a week. Each lead source provides a fantastic opportunity to break into a new neighborhood. Hughes emphasized the importance of knowing to maximize your lead source. 

If you get a build scheduled on a house, you can easily knock on the doors of their neighbors to score additional business. Seeing multiple Shamrock signs in a row creates a cool visual effect.

Project Manager

When it comes to building relationships with homeowners, Hughes goes the extra mile. He says that nine out of ten times, he establishes a meaningful connection. 

“In those cases, I end up staying longer at the appointments because these homeowners want to talk to me. The connection makes them feel more comfortable, which often leads to a referral.”

Before Shamrock Roofing, Hughes was on the insurance side. It didn’t take long for him to realize office life wasn’t a good fit. The lack of sunlight and staring at a screen were two reasons he left to pursue project management at a roofing company. 

In addition to working in our Kansas City market, Hughes has ventured to other Shamrock branches, including Iowa, Texas, and Arkansas. While he enjoyed the change of scenery and working with out-of-state PMs, Hughes admits he prefers to stay local. 

Our sales team continues to grow each year. According to our Sales Director, Austin Boyd, there are currently 170 PMs throughout our 13 Midwest markets. Garen Armstrong, Executive Director, is always looking for hardworking, loyal individuals to bring on board. 

“I genuinely enjoy the culture of our team; we hire very good people,” said Hughes. “I’ve worked in a lot of places, and it’s rare to find this type of culture. The great ones tend to stick around and everyone is always willing to help others.”

Despite being here almost two years, Hughes admits he’s not perfect. There’s a lot to learn – and remember – when it comes to Shamrock project management. From the initial door knock to the certificate of completion, PMs are present at every stage of the homeowner’s journey. 

I’m there at the beginning of the build to take photos for insurance. Then I’ll check back in during the build to make sure everything is going smoothly. And, of course, I’ll return at the end to confirm the homeowner is satisfied with the new roof.”

Because of the guidance he received when he first started, Hughes pays it forward to the new hires by offering key advice. 

“Don’t let the negative encounters with homeowners ruin your day. If someone is rude to you, don’t dwell on it. Just move on with your day.”

It’s essential to have thick skin when you’re going door to door, selling roofs. You won’t have success at every single house. What keeps Hughes motivated is knowing he could be a few knocks away from sealing a deal and improving the life of a homeowner. 

Armstrong and the Shamrock Roofing management team are supportive of the project managers. After all, without them, we wouldn’t be on our way to becoming the number-one roofing contractor in the Midwest.