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Shamrock Building Shows Off New Signage

If you’re driving on I-35 highway – between 87th and 75th streets – you’ll see an A-frame building with a vibrant blue roof. This is the Shamrock Roofing and Construction headquarters. Across the street, there is another office building, which Shamrock closed on at the tail-end of 2023. 


For a long time, these two buildings were home to Bob Hamilton. But now, instead of a local plumbing, heating, and electrical company, you’ll find a family-owned roofing contractor, catering to home and commercial owners in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

In the last two years, Shamrock Roofing has grown drastically. It became clear we needed more space, which led to purchasing the two-story building. Our employees moved in mid-January. The transition benefits our marketing, supplement, fleet, accounting, and sales departments.

Since the move-in date, the building’s exterior has remained a blank slate. All that changed on Monday, March 25th. A crew from Dimensional Innovations arrived bright and early to install fresh signage. Letter by letter, they slowly gave our plain building its own Shamrock identity. 

“Watching that sign go up gives me so much pride,” said Garen Armstrong, Executive Director. “I am so proud of our team and all the work that has gone into it.”

The front of the building reads “Shamrock Roofing and Construction” in the center with “Residential” and “Commercial” on either side. Facing Frontage Road, you’ll see our company’s website – – along with our well-known logo. 

By the end of the week, anyone driving by would know this office building belongs to Shamrock Roofing and Construction – your provider for residential and commercial roofing services. Now, whenever you’re driving north or south on I-35, you won’t only notice the A-frame, you’ll notice our newer HQ home as well. 

“Everyone has earned their space in this Shamrock compound. It was a team effort, and I love that we are still building and growing as a company.”