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Shamrock Roofing Wants To Do Your Roof Inspection Kansas City

There is a season for everything and in Kansas City, it is the season to think about an annual roof inspection. Most residents made it through the winter without much worry or mishap and shamrock roofing are thankful for that! But consider that most issues found during a routine roof inspection are issues that may not have been found otherwise until they have worsened and created major damage. The best kind of care for any home is preventative maintenance as it ensures that you are preserving the quality and beauty of your home and best of all saving your pocketbook.

Shamrock Roofer

Speaking of saving you money on your roof inspection Kansas City- at Shamrock Roofing and Construction we offer free roof inspections for commercial and residential buildings. So whether you are requesting a check-up on your family home or you want to make sure your business is structurally ready for another productive year, your roof inspection is on us. 

Roof Inspections Protect Your Investment

Regardless of the reason for calling one of the your roofing contractors for a roof inspection Kansas City, a roof inspection is best performed “upon the roof” (not from the ground) by someone who has the training, knowledge, and experience to identify all relevant factors, including:

  • Normal weathering
  • Manufacturer defects
  • Storm-related damage
  • Intentional (i.e. mechanical/hammer-caused) damage
  • Un-intentional (i.e. footfall, tree limbs, rodents, etc) damage
  • Standard methods of installation
  • Compliance to local code requirements
  • Proper integration of roofing with siding
  • Proper ventilation

Rest assured an annual roof inspection can identify exactly what is needed in order to maintain roof quality and safety.

Shamrock’s Free Roof Inspections For Commercial and Residential Buildings:

  • Stop the growth of algae and mold
  • Expose weathering and loose shingles not visible to the eye
  • Increase energy efficiency of the roof
  • Protect the quality and safety of roof craftsmanship
  • Determine the probable estimated life expectancy of the roof

There are many more benefits to your roof inspection Kansas City – best of all to ensure that your home or business investment is cared for -that’s what we take pride in. 

Check out Shamrock Roofing and Construction for your free roof inspections for Commercial and residential buildings. Call us with your questions today 913 850-6556