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Signs of Summer Storm Damage

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Summer storms are an inevitable part of living in the greater Kansas City area. It’s not uncommon to experience tornado-esque winds and heavy rains that can leave damage and devastation in their wake. Storm damage in Kansas is a legitimate concern of many Johnson County homeowners, and having the right team of experts on your side to help with prevention, protection, and repair is invaluable. 

That’s where we come into play. Shamrock Roofing and Construction is one of the most reputable roofing companies in the metro area. We assist with storm damage cleanup in Johnson County every year. With over four decades in the roofing business and a string of healthy accolades and reviews, it’s easy to see that our customers rely on us for all their roofing needs. We can help you too.

When it comes to summer storm damage, look for these signs and symptoms. If you spot anything amiss, give our team a call for a free roof inspection.

#1. Excess Debris

Storm damage in Kansas can leave behind a slew of debris. After a storm, it’s a good idea to check your roof for debris such as tree limbs, branches, leaf piles, or other yard waste. Any noticeable or excessive debris on the roof could be an indication that a more thorough investigation is warranted. It’s time to call in roofing professionals for a full roof inspection to make sure there’s nothing wrong with the roof that you can’t see from the ground.

#2. Missing, Discolored, or Disfigured Shingles

Some roof damage is easy to see with the naked eye. Shingle disruptions are relatively easy to catch when assessing storm damage in Kansas. Missing shingles present an aesthetic (and safety) problem for any homeowner and require immediate attention. More subtle shingle damage like granule loss (often seen as a discoloration across the shingles) or loose shingles are less obvious but are still relatively simple to spot from the ground. Regardless, damaged, loose, or cracked shingles require the attention of a professional roofing contractor, so don’t delay!

#3. Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most frequently reported post-summer storm concerns, and it can be attributed to a number of factors. Heavy winds wreak havoc on your roof’s protective layers, making it more susceptible to water infiltration. Another common culprit is a poorly ventilated attic, where rising heat and moisture may accumulate after the storm and cause long-term damage. Lastly, clogged gutters and drainage systems offer an environment ripe for standing water. Standing water gets forced up underneath the shingles, which will eventually lead to leaks and water damage in the house below. A free roof inspection from Shamrock Roofing will reveal any concerning signs of water damage (new or old). If you notice any obvious signs of water infiltration or leaks—such as brown spots on walls or ceilings—it’s best to enlist the help of an experienced Johnson Country roofer. 

Need Help With Storm Damage Cleanup in Johnson County? Give Us a Call!

Shamrock Roofing and Construction specializes in all types of residential roofing issues, including repairs after summer storms. Our team of experienced professionals can help you get your roof taken care of quickly and efficiently so it’s not jeopardized by minor storm damage. Contact us today for more information. We’ll lend a helping hand with your storm cleanup needs.