Spring Cleaning Your Roof – Part 1

We all love spring but at the same time it can cause some serious roofing issues. Here are some tips we have as leading roofing contractors in Omaha and roofing contractors in Kansas.

Waste and Debris Removal: 

The biggest problem with spring season brings along is a plenty of fallen leaves and twigs. Although this may not sound like a big problem it can surely cause some serious damage to your roof. 

Firstly this can clog the gutter system making it difficult when the rainy season sets in and water starts to collect and even if there is no water collection wet leaves and twigs lying around can cause dew build up damaging the roof material. Secondly it also is not very visually pleasing if you are planning to sell the house. 

Get on the roof and sweep away the debris and if you need help you can always contact omaha roofing contractors.

Mildew Build up: 

Mildew build up is natural common across the world. The most adverse impact is that it is visually very unpleasant and can be harmful only on a long run making the structure weak. 

It is not very difficult to clean up mildew, a bucket with any bleach base cleaner and a brush will do. Give it a quick scrub and wash it away with water, this can make a big difference in how visually appealing your house can be because after all no one would like to see a house with a green and slimy roof. 

Lastly if your everyday schedule does not give you the time to clean your roof you can always hire some help from Shamrock Roofing.