Spring Cleaning Your Roof – Part 2

In our last blog on spring cleaning your roof we spoke about removal of waste and debris and we also spoke about mildew and how to clean it. In this blog we will further talk about gutters and roof edges.


They are the most visible part of a roof and also add a style element to the roof along with being useful. Metal gutters could get rusted often and have short life span compared to copper gutters. Every few years you could consider replacing the gutter to give your house a bit of a new look or even look at investing into rain water harvesting. 

Many Omaha and Kansas Roofing contractors recommend copper gutters due to the long life span and it also has a good visual appeal.

Roof Edges: 

Just like many things we use the most affected area of a roof are the edges. The most common issue with edges is cracking, peeling and chipping depending on the material used. This might now cause a major issue unless its cracks as this can get larger with time. 

However if you are someone who is looking for sell the house or someone who likes to keep the house looking gorgeous inside and outside then you may want to keep an eye on the edges and consider timely maintenance to keep it in immaculate condition.  

You can also consider replacing worn out or damaged shingles and tiles or best replacing them with a new color of your choice to give your house a makeover.