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The 5 Best Spring Maintenance Tips

We’ve definitely talked about how hard winter can be on your roof. What can you do about it? After a long, cold season, your roof needs some extra care and attention. We have also posted about the many benefits to a residential roof inspection in spring, and that is definitely still necessary. There are a few other ways you can keep your roof in the best shape possible this spring. Give us a call for roof repair in Johnson County if you find anything that needs to be fixed or replaced.

a man trying roof repair in Johnson County

There are three huge dangers to your roof, and here are the 5 best ways to prevent them this spring:

1. Take a look at your shingles. Check to see if any of them loose, damaged, curling, torn, or missing. Make sure any shingles with issues get replaced. Also check to see if any nails have popped up over the winter. They should be hammered back down. Lastly, if the shingles are looking generally worn and old, you should call a company, like Shamrock Roofing, that specializes in new roofs in Johnson County.

2. Clean your gutters. Your gutters serve the purpose of safely and efficiently removing water from your roof. Gutters frequently have a build up of leaves and other debris in them after the winter. They need to be cleaned carefully before spring rains come through, otherwise, your roof could suffer. If you need help with your gutters, call Shamrock roofing, a company that specializes in roof repair in Johnson County.

3. Check for damage from water or ice dams. This can be found in the form of leaks in your attic or other areas of you home. Ice dams over the winter can often cause cracks and leaks in your roof. Melting ice and snow will leak into your home. This can be a serious problem that often requires emergency roof repair.

4. Inspect fascia and soffit. The soffit is the underside of your roof, and the fascia is a wooden or metal piece that covers the ends of the rafters. Make sure you investigate these areas while doing your spring maintenance. They are prone to holes and damage that can put your roof at risk. If you think that there is substantial damage, call a premium Johnson County roofing contractor, like Shamrock Roofing, for help.

5. Examine flashing for damage. Flashing on your roof connects exterior components. You can find it on areas like skylights, chimneys, and the peak of your roof. It’s important to check for cracked caulking around flashing and rusty areas on the flashing itself. If left unrepaired, your house is susceptible to water damage and leaks.

If you need help recaulking or repairing flashing, call Shamrock Roofing, residential roofing contractors in Johnson County.

If you find any areas of your roof or gutters in need of repair or replacement, make sure you give the best roofers in Johnson County a call so we can get your roof repaired and ready for spring right away.