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Spring Roof Clean-Up Tips For Commercial Roofing In Kansas City – Pt. 1

As the snow begins to melt and the temperature slowly becomes warmer, it’s time for some much-needed roof maintenance.  Roof maintenance is the best way to avoid emergency roof repair in Kansas City.  The your roofing companies in KC understand that just because an issue is out of sight, it doesn’t mean that it is out of mind.  Premier roofing in Kansas City stands out as some of the best roofing in America due to Kansas City’s attention to detail, which Shamrock Roofing company displays continuously.  Here are spring roof clean-up tips for commercial roofing in Kansas City.   

Tree Limbs 


Always make sure that the tree limbs surrounding your roof aren’t touching your roof in any way.  If they are, this can become a significant issue.  Roofing companies in Kansas City will always encourage you to keep your surrounded trees trimmed and maintained to avoid potential roof damage.  Tree limbs within reach of your roof can severely reduce the life expectancy of a roof, loosen protective granules, damaged shingles, and encourage moisture to collect on your roof.


Leaves & Pine Needles 


Lone leaves and loose pine needles will always find their way onto your roof.  That’s why a roof is there in the first place, right?  Roofing contractors in Kansas City will always encourage home and building owners to keep this natural debris off of your roof.  Routine roof debris cleanings are essential as to prevent mold, moss, and moisture from growing and collecting on your roof.  Commercial roofing in Kansas City, MO is known for always suffering from this issue.  It’s easy for business owners to ignore their roofs, and these small innocent leaves and pine needles often come back and cost them a great deal of time and money.   




Cutting back your trees limbs and removing any leaves or pine needles from your roof will reduce moss growth, along with allowing sunlight to dry up any moisture that moss could potentially grow in.  While there are chemicals available that can get rid of moss that has accumulated on your roof, it will always come with a price.  These chemicals can damage your roof as well as your surrounding property.  Talk to your trusted Kansas City roofer today to discuss possible solutions to moss growth on your roof.

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