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St. Louis- Missouri City Profile

The name St. Louis evokes a lot of visuals about sunny fields and the major rivers making their own way across the city and the state. Indeed, St. Louis stands as the second-largest city in the state of Missouri, though it does not fall under any county and is independent as such. Located at the east-central part of Missouri on the Mississippi river, St. Louis is a place of charming, hospitable locales and an easy, laid-back life. 

Founded by the French in 1764 and incorporated as a city in 1822, St. Louis has witnessed the highs, being one of the chief centres of American fur trade over the years. With the expansion of steamboat traffic and the significant extension of railroads over the years from the mid-1800s, St. Louis has continued to grow as a major industrial hub in all of Missouri as well as the country. 

Speed forward to the 1900s, St. Louis has become an amazing manufacturing centre. Manufacturing industries are making up the bulk of the city’s economy. The most of the highly-developed industries in the city include automobiles, metal fabrication, space and aircraft technology, steel making, chemicals, storage and distribution, etc. 

St. Louis is also famous for the Anheuser-Busch, the largest beer producing plant in the United States. Breweries and food processing industries also form a significant part of St. Louis. With a 62 square mile land area and maximum elevation of 616 feet, the city has a population of around 3.20 lakhs (according to the 2010 census), out of which 48.3% are males and 51.7% are females. The city has more than 900 churches, 27 FM radio stations, 6 commercial tv-stations, etc. There are also 105 city-owned parks that command at least 3100 acres of space.

If you are thinking of moving on from the far west or the far north, St. Louis can be a great prospect in terms of lifestyle, professional opportunities and good, pleasant weather round the year.