Start the New Year with a Roof Maintenance Plan

For many people, owning a home is one of life’s biggest investments. Homeownership offers a sense of comfort and pride that can’t be replicated with anything else. However, owning a home also comes with responsibility. Your new house cost you a lot of your hard-earned money. Now it’s up to you to care for it, making sure it continues to look as beautiful as it did the day you bought it. You’ll also need to make sure it remains a reliable shelter for your family. Regular maintenance is the best way to take care of your investment, keeping it sound and hopefully increasing its value, too. 

Roof maintenance is critical to keeping your home in good shape, but it’s often something that gets neglected in favor of other “more fun” projects. As the new year kicks off, the pros at Shamrock Roofing and Construction suggest creating an annual roof maintenance plan in conjunction with a local Chesterfield roofer. Having a roof maintenance plan on paper increases the likelihood that it’ll actually get done – just like those other New Year’s resolutions you wrote down!

There are many benefits to proactively creating a roof maintenance plan. Here are a few reasons to consider putting this plan in writing for 2021.

#1. Identify Red Flags Early

The Midwest is notorious for harsh and unpredictable weather. Heavy rains, ice storms, and tornado-esque winds can do damage to your home’s rooftop. Consistent assault throughout the years can have long-lasting effects on the condition of your roof. Luckily, a roof inspection in Chesterfield will help you identify any problem areas before they become too big to manage easily. From a financial standpoint, identifying and remedying problems early is especially useful. With consistent maintenance and inspection, you can rest easy, regardless of the weather forecast!

#2. Protect Your Property

A well-maintained roof serves as a protective covering for the assets underneath, which are considerable for most families. Many homeowners put a considerable chunk of change toward furnishings and decor for their home. Some invest in expensive artwork. And don’t forget all the clothes, shoes, and electronics. Taking a proactive approach by scheduling regular inspections with a local Chesterfield roofer ensures that your personal property remains free of damage caused by a faulty roof. With this step checked off the list, you and your family can nestle in and enjoy a sense of comfort and safety in your home.

#3. Insurance and Warranty Implications

Most roofs come with a manufacturer’s warranty of some kind. If you check the fine print, you might be surprised to discover that many warranties require annual maintenance to remain valid. Additionally, the cost of your insurance may depend on your upkeep routine. Insurance companies aren’t keen on carrying the risk for a neglectful homeowner. Performing and documenting your annual roof inspection in Chesterfield will pay dividends if the need arises. 

Ready to Get Your Maintenance Plan Underway? 

Shamrock Roofing and Construction wants to be your choice as the local Chesterfield roofer that helps with your roof maintenance plan in 2021. We serve homeowners’ residential roofing needs not only in Chesterfield but throughout the greater St. Louis area. 

If you’re ready to set up a maintenance plan and get your first roof inspection scheduled, give us a call. You can also contact us for a full listing of our residential roofing services. We look forward to helping you get the new year started right!