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Steep-slope Roofing System Products

When you need to purchase a new roof, you need to consider a variety of items. Roofing costs and durability are at the top of this list. Other considerations include aesthetics and architectural style. The perfect roofing system balances these four considerations. The following products can help you achieve the ideal combination for your steep-slope roof.

Asphalt Shingles

When you investigate the steep-slope roofing market, you will find that asphalt shingles have the market cornered. These shingles can be supplemented with organic or fiberglass materials ensuring you get the desired durability for your roof.

The organic shingles are created from a cellulose-fiber base. This base is covered with asphalt and then coated with granules. These granules come in a wide variety of different colors. The organic shingles have a fire rating of Class C.

The fiberglass shingles include a mat made of fiberglass. This mat has a top and bottom layer of asphalt and then is covered in mineral granules. These granules also come in a wide array of various colors. The fire rating for most fiberglass shingles is Class A.

When you think of the appearance of a shingle, you must understand that the reinforcement does not affect it. Both organic and fiberglass shingles come in laminated grades with a textured appearance. You can also find both types with zinc or copper-coated ceramic granules.

Wood Shingles and Shakes

These shingles are made from redwood, cedar, pine, and other types of wood. This type of shingle is prevalent in California, Northwest, and Midwest parts because of their natural look. A machine makes wood shingles while the hands make shakes.

Before choosing to use wood shingles or shakes, it would be a good idea to investigate your building codes. Because of fire resistance issues, many of the local building codes limit the usage of wood shingles and shakes. However, you can find wood shingles with a Class A fire rating because they are treated with fire-resistant material.


This durable roofing material is typically made from clay or concrete. Southwest and Florida’s residents seem to enjoy the Mission and Spanish-style round-topped tiles. Flat style tiles create French and English looks. One of the unique things about tile is the availability of a variety of colors and finishes. However, tile is heavy, which may require extra work to ensure the structure can handle the load.


Depending on its origin, slate comes in a variety of different colors and grades. Slate comes from Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and Vermont. This product is one of the few products that are considered virtually indestructible, which makes it one of the most expensive products.

The last product on this list is metal, which is typically thought of as a low-slope material. Metal roofing comes in two types, which are panels and shingles. Each of these options offers a variety of shapes and configurations. Metal shingles are lightweight and have resistance to adverse weather conditions.