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Steer Clear of Storm Chasers, Part 2

Storm chasers take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners

In a previous article, we talked about storm chasers: who they are and why you want to avoid them. Here’s a little more information that should help you recognize storm chasers when they come knocking on your door.

A Quick Refresher

Storm chasers are roofing contractors that come calling right after a severe storm blows through your neighborhood, especially one with hail. These roofers offer to fix storm damage on your Kansas City roof quickly – and for a fee, of course. Their goal is to make as much money as possible after each storm by canvassing neighborhoods to see how many people they can con into letting them fix their storm-related roof damage. We say “con” only because these roofers often use the cheapest materials they can find to do the repairs, and their workmanship is usually substandard. The repairs they make probably won’t hold up over the long haul and may even invalidate the warranty on your roof. For more information on the dangers of working with these characters, read the previous article here.

How to Recognize a Storm Chaser

There are a few signals that will tip you off to a storm chaser when one comes knocking on the door. Here’s a list of the most common traits to be aware of.

  1. They do come knocking. Storm chasers proactively come to you. Most legitimate, professional roofers don’t do that. They don’t have time. They’re busy repairing roofs for other customers. Typically if you need roof leak repair on your Kansas City home, you have to call a residential roofing contractor to schedule an appointment. Then they’ll come out and talk with you about your roofing needs. But they don’t generally come knocking on the door without an invitation.
  1. They ask for a cash payment up-front. This is another sign of a storm chaser. A roofer that asks for a cash payment before they start working on your roofing issues is probably a storm chaser. Reputable roofing contractors don’t operate this way. They offer a variety of payment options, with some contractors even offering financing options. But they don’t ask customers to pay up-front for work they haven’t done yet.
  1. They offer to pay your insurance deductible. This is a sure sign of a storm chaser. While most homeowners are delighted at the prospect of having someone pay their deductible for them, it’s actually against the law to allow this. If you let a contractor pay your deductible for you, it’s called insurance fraud, and you’ll probably be the one who’s liable if this act is discovered by your insurance company. If a storm chaser offers to pay your deductible for you, the smart thing to do is to close the door.

One More Thing to Watch For

There’s one more thing to be aware of. When a storm chaser offers to inspect your roof for storm damage after a Kansas City hail storm has come through, make sure you’re paying attention. It’s possible that if they get up on the roof and don’t see enough damage to convince you to hire them, they’ll create a little damage of their own. Golf balls and hammers are often their tools of choice to create enough “hail damage” to convince you that you need their services. If you permit them to do an inspection, make sure you’re listening and watching while they’re up on your roof.

Professional Roofing Contractors are Always the Way to Go

If you need replacement guttering or roof leak repair on your Kansas City home after a storm hits, make sure you call a professional roofing contractor for help. Shamrock Roofing and Construction is a reputable company that’s been doing business in the Kansas City area for over 55 years. We’ll take care of you the way you’d like to be taken care of – with professionalism, courtesy, and integrity. Contact us for a free roof inspection if you think you need roof repairs, maintenance, or new roof installation. Let the storm chasers work with someone else!