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Storm Damage Comes in Many Forms

The Omaha area is notorious for its eclectic mix of weather conditions. From blistering summer heat to tornado-generating winds, Omaha gets hit with some of the most severe storms in the Midwest. Unpredictable weather patterns often wreak havoc on the community, including neighborhoods throughout the metro area. This means your home is subject to storm damage — especially your roof. 

In fact, storm-related damage affects the rooftop more frequently than any other part of a house, making storm damage repair in Omaha a thriving business for local roofing companies. The type of roof damage you experience depends on the type of storm that blows through. 

Here are the most common types of damage you’ll find in Omaha.

Water Damage

Sitting in the heart of the Midwest, Omaha reports a higher than average rainfall than other areas of the country. Days of heavy thunderstorms and excess precipitation are fairly common, especially in the rainy spring season. Unfortunately, heavy, pounding rain creates an environment ripe for roof repair in Omaha because it can ruin the granules on your shingles. This makes your roof more susceptible to leaks. 

In addition, multiple days of rain can lead to standing water if gutters and downspouts aren’t operating properly. Water damage is definitely one of the primary reasons homeowners call for storm damage repair in Omaha, so take some time to visit with a local roofer about ways to mitigate these concerns upfront.

Wind Damage

The wind is another weather condition that can really damage your roof. Wind can directly impact shingles that are already loose by catching underneath them and prying them free. It can also indirectly create a problem when hanging tree limbs and branches make abrupt contact with your roof and create unwanted punctures and tears. That said, all of this can be avoided with a simple search for a “roof repair company near me.” Any team of reputable roofers will be able to set you up with a solid roof maintenance plan that includes regular tree and brush trimming and an annual inspection of any existing damage. 

Winter Storm Damage

Last but not least, Omaha is also well-known for cold winters that often include hail and ice as part of the forecast. Unfortunately, ice buildup is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to a leaky roof, and hail damage can leave irreparable dents and dings on your home’s most protective surface. Storm damage repair in Omaha is common in the winter months, but you’ll need the help of an expert to spot it and assist with filing a claim. 

Need Help Assessing the Damage? Shamrock Roofing is Here to Help!

Roof repair in Omaha due to unfavorable weather conditions can put a damper on your day — and your pocketbook! Luckily, you’re not alone when it comes to assessing and rectifying storm-related roof damage. Before you start browsing for a “roof repair company near me,” give us a call at Shamrock Roofing and Construction. With over 55 years in the industry, we can help you plan ahead to protect your roof from upcoming storms this season. 

Contact us today to learn more about our roof repair services in Omaha. We’ll make sure your roof is as good as new!