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Summer Roofing Maintenance Tips from Shamrock

The summer months are upon us, and so is the summer heat! While the season brings lots of sunshine, longer days, and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, it also presents the chance to give some attention to your home maintenance routine. Scheduled maintenance routines for all the major components of your home are incredibly important to keeping your home in tip-top shape, and there’s almost nothing more important than regularly scheduled roof maintenance. Here at Shamrock Roofing and Construction, we encourage all Johnson County homeowners to make plenty of time for fun and games this summer.

But we’re also fans of using the warm summer months to your advantage by engaging in roof maintenance. Use these tips from the pros to get started.

Repair Noticeable Damage

Sometimes the direction of your home maintenance routine is dictated by obvious damage. A quick visual inspection of your roof’s shingles, downspouts, and gutter system will give you a quick assessment of the condition of things. Remove any debris that you can see and repair visible damage such as broken or cracked shingles, missing flashing, or damaged gutters. Many DIYers are comfortable doing these types of projects themselves. However, if that’s not you, there are lots of Johnson County roofers that offer free roof inspections for area homeowners. These contractors are well-equipped to survey the roof and offer guidance if you need it.

Remove Mold and Algae

As any reputable roofing contractor in Johnson County can attest, the dry heat of summer provides much-needed relief from the lingering wetness of spring rains. It also offers an excellent opportunity to check your roof for any moss, mold, or mildew that may have sprung up during the rainy season. If water gets trapped underneath your shingles and can’t dry out, moss, mold, or mildew may start to grow. Left untreated, these organic materials can lead to roof decay and may even cause health problems for those with allergies or other sensitivities. Eliminating these culprits as soon as possible not only extends the life of your roof but also ensures that everyone in the home enjoys a safe, healthy summer. 

Assess Ventilation

Many older homes in Johnson County have an attic nook. While this space can be used for storage or converted into additional living space, attics are notorious for trapping hot air. This problem escalates in the summer months when temperatures and humidity reach their peak. Excess heat and humidity can raise the temperature of your attic to 150 degrees or more during summer months. This may cause shingles to crack or curl, resulting in an increased risk for leaks. Ensuring that your attic is adequately vented helps alleviate this potential. A qualified roofing contractor in Johnson County will help you assess your attic’s ventilation status and recommend a solution if one is needed.  

Call Shamrock Roofing for Your Summer Roofing Needs

If you’re looking for a reliable roofing contractor in Johnson County, give us a call at Shamrock Roofing and Construction. We offer a free roof inspection which will provide you with the current status of your roof and give you a head’s up on any maintenance that’s needed. Our trusted team of Johnson County Roofers is here to help with all your summer roofing needs, big or small. Contact us today to learn more about the residential roofing services we offer. And don’t forget to make an appointment for your summer roof maintenance needs!