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The Amazing Benefits of Ludowici Tile

Ludowici tile roof
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For more than 130 years, architects, designers, builders, and residential homeowners have turned to Ludowici tiles to grace roofs not just in the U.S. but throughout the world. That’s because there’s nothing else that says quality, class, and luxury quite like these roof tiles do. Manufactured in New Lexington, Ohio, Ludowici Tile uses old-world craftsmanship to create terra cotta clay tiles that stand the test of time. Shamrock Roofing thw best in the town

The Royal Treatment

Homeowners looking for high-quality roofing in Kansas City may want to consider replacing an existing roof with Ludowici tile. There are very few roofers in the area who specialize in this unique product. But one company — Shamrock Roofing and Construction — has earned the distinction of being a Ludowici Crown Roofer. 

Ludowici Crown Roofers are factory-trained and certified by the manufacturer to ensure that every Ludowici roof is installed to the highest possible standard. When you purchase a Ludowici roof, you’re not getting just a quality roof tile; you’re also getting the quality workmanship that this product merits — from one of the best Kansas City roofers in the region.

The Benefits of Ludowici Tile

There are many reasons to choose Ludowici tile for a Kansas roof replacement project. Here are a few of the most compelling.


Ludowici tile is made from some of the highest-quality clay deposits in the country. This, combined with years of tile-making tradition, creates one of the most durable roofing products on the market. Every Ludowici tile receives a Grade 1 certification from ASTM International, an international testing and standards organization. This rating is given only to the highest-performing products and materials. Ludowici tiles far exceed the Grade 1 standards. These tiles last a lifetime with very little maintenance.


Ludowici tile performs better than any other clay tile on the market. This is because of the clay composition, which creates an amazingly strong product that resists high winds and extreme weather events. Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes don’t stand a chance against these roofing tiles. 

Ludowici tiles are also mold- and mildew-resistant as well as fire-resistant. They’re an ideal choice for roofing jobs in the Kansas City area and shamrock roofing & construction are best in the town.


We’ve talked about the durability of Ludowici tile. But there’s another benefit we need to mention. That’s sustainability. Ludowici terra cotta comes from the earth, which means zero waste when sourcing raw materials. These tiles are 100% recyclable, energy-efficient, and completely free of toxic or synthetic ingredients. They’re a smart choice for anyone worried about the long-term effects of manufacturing on the environment.


Ludowici tile comes in an array of styles and colors to suit every homeowner’s needs. The company offers over 40 standard roof tile profiles. It also has multiple accessories to trim and finish the roof the way you want. You can also customize the tiles if you’d prefer. What a great way to make your roof uniquely yours! Enhanced textures and a vast color palette are also available, making it virtually impossible to go wrong with a Ludowici roof. Your neighbors will definitely notice the difference!


The warranty says it all. What other company guarantees their product for 75 years? Ludowici products have proven themselves in all climates and weather conditions. The firing process that every tile undergoes ensures that colors never fade, chalk, or change in any way. Every new tile comes with a 75-year warranty. That’s how sure the company is that you’ll love its products.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us and Construction is your go-to roofer for Ludowici tile roofs in Kansas City. Roof replacement has never looked better! And with Shamrock’s Crown-level service, you’ll be assured that your new Ludowici terra cotta tile roof is installed correctly and professionally. It will beautify your home for years to come.

Contact Shamrock roofing today for more information or to get started choosing your Ludowici tile roof. Then get ready for the compliments!