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The Dangers of Hiring an Uninsured Roofer

Don't hire an uninsured roofer

Any type of real estate is a significant investment. Whether you’ve just closed on your first home, own a series of rental properties, or recently splurged on a commercial space, real estate can be a good investment when the market is right. There’s a lot of work (and paperwork) involved in purchasing property, and the work doesn’t stop once the contract is signed. Real estate ownership is a long-term deal, and regular maintenance and repair are key elements to caring for the property you just invested in. In spite of this, even the most well-intentioned property owner can find themselves in need of a quality contractor to fix something that’s gone wrong.

The roof of your property is one area that requires regular maintenance and repair, so it’s fairly certain that you’ll need a roofer in Kansas City at some point. That said, when you find yourself in this predicament, selecting a company that’s insured is non-negotiable. Here are a few reasons to pass on residential roof contractors that don’t have insurance and opt for a company with good coverage.

More Reputable

The your roofing companies in Kansas City will have general liability insurance at a minimum. If they’re really good, they’ll carry professional liability and commercial vehicle insurance too. In general, it’s a good business practice to maintain insurance. Any company that doesn’t have insurance coverage – or won’t answer your questions regarding their insurance – should raise a red flag in your mind. 

Coverage for Injuries

Any honest roofer in Kansas City will tell you that walking around on roofs all day is dangerous. Working on an uneven surface while carrying heavy materials and managing environmental factors (such as weather conditions) requires an excess of vigilance. Even at that, accidents do happen, and one misstep can cause an accident. If an accident does occur and someone is injured, you could be held personally liable for the medical costs if your roofer is uninsured.

Coverage for Damage

Even the most meticulous worker can accidentally damage your roof or other elements of your property while on the job. Accidents happen, and it’s good to prepare for these scenarios. Whether the damage is small (broken shingles or siding) or more significant (busted chimney or a ruined HVAC unit), the costs are passed on to you if you’re working with an uninsured roofer. Your homeowner’s insurance will take the hit. But residential roof contractors who are insured take care of this with their insurance, reducing the cost, headache, and hassle for you and your family.

Ready to Hire a Roofer? We’re Licensed and Insured!

If you need a roofer in Kansas City, check out our team of experts at Shamrock Roofing and Construction. We are fully licensed and insured. We’re also familiar with the rules and codes required to do roofing work in the Kansas City metro area. We’ve been here for over 55 years, and we look forward to serving all your residential and commercial roofing needs. Contact us today for an estimate or to schedule a roof inspection.