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The Effects Of Hail Damage To Your New Roof In Kansas City

Hail is only frozen water, but it can cause significant damage to your roof and leave you looking for emergency roof repair in Kansas City.  Hail grows in size as it falls towards the earth, and can have devastating effects on your roof.  Residential roofing contractors in Kansas City warn their clients of hail damage, and to call the best roofer in Kansas City when they are affected by hail damage.  Even commercial roofing contractors in Kansas City are affected by hail damage.  Here are the effects of hail damage to your new roof in Kansas City.   

Asphalt shingles are made of 3 components: fiberglass, asphalt coating, and a granule covering.  When hail hits your roof’s shingles, it damages the granules, which then exposes your mat to dangerous UV rays.  Your Kansas City roofing company will be able to demonstrate this process in more detail for you.  If your roof’s mat is left exposed to UV rays, it will dry out quickly, and dramatically reduce your roof’s life expectancy, and even leave you open to leaks and water damage.   

Common Types Of Damage Caused By Hail 


  • Granule Loss 
  • Cracks In The Granule-Asphalt Surfacing 
  • Exposed Fiberglass Mat 
  • Fractured Fiberglass Mat 
  • Loosening Of Self-Seal Strip 

While it is possible to replace or even repair storm-damaged shingles, your roof might be in need of full roof repair in Kansas City following a dangerous hailstorm.  Because of the potential for surrounding shingles to be damaged, complete roof repair or replacement is sometimes recommended for long-term performance and protection. We don’t recommend you do this yourself.  Contacted your trusted roofer today to discuss hail damage roof repair in more detail for your Kansas City roof.