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The Future of Commercial Roofing

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Owning and operating a successful business is a rewarding venture, but it can also be taxing. Business owners are constantly tasked with managing day-to-day operations while also keeping an eye toward the future. That said, any savvy business owner can see that the places we work, live, and play are changing rapidly. From new technology to sustainable ventures, here are a few ways the commercial roofing business is adjusting to and managing this shift in priorities. 

Solar Roof Panels

Solar roofing has exploded in recent months as one of the most popular picks for commercial roofing in Tulsa, OK. Solar panels are modern, energy-efficient, and environmentally responsible. The panels reduce the need for artificial energy by converting the sun’s rays to usable power. This transitional process reduces overall utility costs and reduces the carbon footprint of those using this energy. That’s good for the environment. Plus, many businesses reap the rewards of healthy tax credits and rebates that come from using solar power, creating a win-win for everyone.

Utility Control Technology

Like many residential homes, commercial properties are beginning to employ smart technology to manage the heating and cooling aspects of the building. Some of the latest options can offer feedback related to air quality, humidity, and temperature, allowing property managers to make adjustments in real-time. Commercial roofing experts tout these technologies as life-altering, and many business owners are endorsing the trend.  

Green Roofing

Green roofing is another popular choice for commercial roofing in Tulsa, OK. Known for their versatile and sustainable nature, green roofs help protect spaces from excessive heat and ozone damage as well as other natural elements like wind and water. They are also capable of absorbing and recycling massive amounts of rainwater. This feature helps mitigate damage from flooding while also protecting the building’s surface. Another benefit? Green roofs add a relaxing aesthetic that’s hard to beat. Many business owners are using green roofs as entertainment or meeting spaces, extending the usable footprint of their building.

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