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The Importance of Gutters and Gutter Maintenance

residential guttering

The roof of your home isn’t the most glamorous feature. Many people prefer to spend their time and money on the more visible aspects of their property, like paint color, landscaping, and interior renovations. Roof maintenance isn’t top of mind for most homeowners, but a lack of maintenance can be a costly error. The quality of your roof is crucial when it comes to maintaining your home’s value and securing your family’s property, health, and safety.

That said, there is more to your roofing structure than just tightly-fastened shingles and well-placed roof vents. The best Kansas City residential roofing companies will tell you that your gutter system is also a key player in keeping your roof healthy. Here are a few reasons why Kansas roofers insist that gutter installation and maintenance is so important.

Gutters Keep the Foundation Dry

Gutters play a role in redirecting elements like rainwater and melting snow away from your home’s foundation. This is especially important in the upcoming winter months when snowfall is plentiful and unavoidable. Naturally, keeping your foundation dry is a win, and gutters can help accomplish this task. If you’re due for a roof evaluation in Kansas City, ask your roofer to also inspect your guttering and help you make the call on a good gutter system.

Gutters Help Protect Interior Assets

Again, gutters steer water away from your home. However, a lack of gutter maintenance can lead to a buildup of debris. Failure to clear out fall leaves, sticks, and other waste can lead to a clogged and inefficient gutter system that won’t drain properly. This disaster can impact your home underneath, forcing water up under shingles and creating leaks down below. It’s very difficult to turn this damage around once it’s begun, so make plans to avoid it altogether with thorough cleaning and maintenance each season.

Gutters Help Keep Your Landscaping Healthy

As we’ve mentioned, many homeowners like to invest time in aesthetic elements like gorgeous landscape features or a sculpted garden. However, failure to install and maintain a gutter system could mean all that hard work is in vain. The absence of a gutter system opens the door for soil erosion around your home, which may wash away all your plantings, ruining all your efforts and leading to major disappointment. Instead, plan for a good gutter system during your next roof evaluation in Kansas City.

Looking for Help With Your Gutter Installation?

When browsing through the local list of Kansas City residential roofing companies, consider the services of our team here at Shamrock Roofing and Construction. Our Kansas roofers are knowledgeable about all types of gutter systems and can point you in the right direction when you need an upgrade. We offer extraordinary service and are always ready to help our Kansas City neighbors with their roofing needs. Contact us today for more information or to request a quote on gutter systems!