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The Importance of Preventing Ice Damming

Ice Damming

If you’ve lived in the Des Moines area for long, you know that ice damming is a condition to be reckoned with come winter storm season. Colder temperatures bring a long list of weather patterns that can impact your roof and may lead to a need for roof repair on your Des Moines home.  

That said, the reality is that many homeowners don’t know the ins and outs of ice damming, how to prevent it, and why prevention is so important. That’s where the expertise of Shamrock Roofing and Construction comes into play. 

We’ve seen what happens when ice dams get out of control. Here’s what we tell our clients about preventing ice damming during the winter months.  

What’s an Ice Dam?

In short, an ice dam is an icicle. It’s a ridge of ice that forms on an exposed part of the roof. Ice dams are notorious for forming on the eaves. Ice dams form when melting snow can’t drain, gets trapped, and backs up under the shingles or the flashing. The water that accumulates stays there or pools on the roof until temperatures dip and it freezes again. Refreezing causes the water to expand, starting the process over again.

Without proper care, this standing water may eventually find a vulnerable crevice and snake its way into your home’s interior. And water that refreezes under shingles and flashing forces the roofing materials away from the roof’s surface, leaving even more room for water infiltration. At that point, you’ll need an expert on roofing in Des Moines to fix the problem.

How Can I Avoid Ice Dams?

There are several tips and tricks for avoiding ice dams. Even the most inexperienced roofing company in Des Moines will agree that limiting snow accumulation on your rooftop is an obvious first step. Professionals recommend that homeowners invest in a roof rake with an extendable handle to safely remove excess snow. Keeping your rooftop clear and your gutters debris-free will make a huge difference in your ability to successfully thwart unwanted ice dams this winter.

Other tricks of the trade frequently recommended by experts on roofing in Des Moines include maintaining proper ventilation to ensure the roof’s temperature stays consistent, sealing up loose openings or hatch caps, applying a chemical de-icer, installing chimney flashing in advance of winter, and hiring the help of a trusted roofing contractor in Des Moines to assist with attic insulation. All of these tips prepare your roof to resist ice buildup and help extend the health and longevity of your roofing structure.

What are the Consequences?

So what happens if you don’t give your roof a little attention before winter sets in? The answer is that you may be in for a rough winter. In the case of minimal damage, a simple call for roof repair in Des Moines will do the trick. However, if ice dams are left unattended for long periods of time, you may be in for a roof replacement on your Des Moines home. 

Not only can ice dams affect the condition of your roof, but they also create hazards for your family, friends, and neighbors. The last thing you want is an injury due to falling ice, so it’s best to get ahead of the problem before it’s too late!

Get Ready for Ice Dams this Winter with Shamrock Roofing

Looking for a roofing contractor in Des Moines to help with your ice dam problem? Look no further than Shamrock Roofing and Construction. With over 55 years in the industry, our team of experts is familiar with all the tips and tricks for preventing ice dams before they arise or tackling them head-on as they occur. Contact us today to learn more about our preventative roofing services. And get ready to bundle up!