The Importance of Proper Drainage on Commercial Roofs

Ponding water can cause lots of damage on a commercial roof.

Commercial buildings in the Kansas City area are easily spotted by their flat roofs. Or, they look flat, anyway. But did you know these “flat” roofs actually have a slight pitch to them? That’s because any roof needs to be able to drain properly in order to do its job. Even seemingly flat roofs have to have a little bit of slope to them.

Roofing contractors in Kansas City, MO, agree that the quality of the drainage system on a commercial roof plays a critical role in the lifespan of the roof and its ability to keep the building dry. Read on to find out why proper drainage is so crucial on commercial roofs.

What’s the Harm in a Little Water?

Both residential and commercial roofs are designed to protect the structure underneath from water intrusion (water getting into the building). Most homes have gable, gambrel, or other sloped roofs that allow gravity to do its job, pulling the rain from the roof down through the guttering system on the house. With a flat-roof commercial structure, gravity is useless. The building depends on a drainage system to channel the water where it needs to go: off the building and away from the foundation. This is why flat roofs are designed with a very slight slope. The sloping areas direct the water to the drains, which then carry the water off the roof and away from the building.

If the roof were completely flat, the water would puddle up and stand around, waiting for a way to escape. This leads to other issues such as the breakdown of seals and seams, water intrusion, mosquitoes, the growth of fungus and mold, and the general deterioration of roofing materials. Pooling water on a commercial roof is never good; water that backs up will get pushed into areas that weren’t designed to hold standing water – with disastrous consequences. If ponding water is allowed to go on too long, eventually a roofing construction company will have to be called in to repair the damage.

Proper Drainage is Key

Most commercial roofing companies in Kansas City advise that a commercial roof that’s properly designed and constructed should dry out within a day or two after the rain stops. If that’s not happening, it’s time to call in roofing contractors to have your Kansas City, MO, property inspected. The sooner your drainage issues are identified and addressed, the better off you’ll be.

Shamrock Roofing is Your Commercial Roofing Construction Company

Commercial property owners understand the importance of safeguarding their most important assets. At Shamrock Roofing and Construction, we understand that, too. We specialize in all aspects of commercial roofing, from installation to inspection to maintenance and repair. We’re one of the most trusted roofing companies in Kansas City. If you have drainage issues on your commercial property’s roof, contact us today. We’ll come out and see what’s going on and help you devise a plan to fix the problem.