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The Shamrock Community Scholarship for Winter Classes 2022

Open for Applications Now Through December 15th, 2021 At Shamrock Community

College can be expensive! Helping our kids find the best solutions for education can seem like a daunting task-let alone taxing on our wallets. 

The average cost of college tuition in the midwest region is $10,460 dollars a year. 

~National Center for Education Statistics

Did you know that over 10 million dollars in scholarships goes unclaimed every year? Many parents and students find the search for scholarship opportunities both overwhelming and mysterious-just totally unsure where to begin. Excellent sources such as and do the searching for you, making applying for scholarships so much easier for students.

Shamrock Roofing and Construction knows that these are challenging times and as an active member of our community, we want to help make a difference in this area by offering a scholarship of $1000.00 to one eligible student per semester. At least this is where we will start. We hope our scholarship fund will grow and we will even be able to offer scholarships to more than one eligible winner each semester. 

Bottom line, we want to keep impacting Our Community across the board-whether it be Veterans, Policemen, an elderly community member in need of a new roof or a college student needing help with the cost of books or classes. So stop the presses and spread the word! Pass this scholarship opportunity on to any high school graduate you know and love. Go to this link to apply now! /community/community-scholarship/

Open application dates August 6th, 2021-December 15, 2021. Winner notified on December 21, 2021 based on rules of eligibility.