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The Top Causes of Roof Leaks in Wichita

Finding a roof leak is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Usually, this signals the long, frustrating process of finding the source of the leak, scheduling roof repair in Wichita, and initiating a temporary solution while you wait for your appointment with a roofer. 

While every homeowner is bound to experience roofing issues at some point, it helps to know some of the most common causes of roof leaks so you can be proactive with care and maintenance. Read on to learn more about which problems top the list.

Questionable Installation Tactics

Unfortunately, not every roofer comes with the same credentials. You may find yourself looking for roof replacement in Wichita if the original homebuilder did a poor job with the roof’s installation. When manufacturer specifications aren’t met or when the roofer rushes each phase of the installation process, it’s easy to make a mistake that eventually results in holes or gaps. Water will find these weak spots and hang around causing trouble. If you’re building a home from scratch, have someone double-check the roof installation before you sign off. 

Flimsy Flashing

Flashing is an important element of your roofing system. It protects the transitional portions of your roof, which are some of the most vulnerable, and keeps moisture out with a water-tight seal. Over time, continuous exposure to harsh conditions (like hail, wind, or snow) can damage flashing and the seals holding it in place, causing it to come loose or slide out of place. A big storm can substantially damage the flashing, leaving your roof prone to leaks. 

Poor Ventilation 

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: Adequate ventilation is critical to your roof’s health. When appropriately placed and maintained, vents release extra moisture and allow fresh air to circulate through the house’s interior. This reduces the chance of mold and mildew growth, which can rot the underlayment and make room for a leak. Proper ventilation also helps regulate the temperature of the roof’s surface and the home’s inside temperature. 

If you’re unsure about any aspect of your attic’s ventilation system, find a professional to check it. Otherwise, you end up searching for emergency roof replacement in Wichita!

Clogged Gutters

Experts on roof repair in Wichita agree that clogged gutters are one of the leading causes of roof leaks in the area. Gutters are excellent at diverting water from your roof and your home’s foundation, but when leaves, sticks, and other debris are allowed to build up in the gutter troughs and downspouts, they’re much less effective. Organic matter tends to absorb water like a wet dish towel. Once it swells to capacity, it slowly drips onto the roof decking, creating a problem that appears to rear its ugly head overnight. 

Roof Shrinkage

Most homeowners have no idea their roof can shrink. Unfortunately, midwestern climates are prime for roof shrinkage. Large swings in atmospheric temperature are the main culprits for this type of roof damage. When a roof shrinks and expands, it causes everything to shift. This puts stress on the roof components and creates opportunities for leaks to manifest.

Get Your Roof Buttoned Up Before a Leak Strikes. Call Shamrock Roofing and Construction

Discovering a roof leak is never fun, but the problem can be taken care of easily, especially if you have a reputable roofer on speed dial. Get a jump on your winter roof prep by contacting us at Shamrock Roofing and Construction to schedule a free roof inspection. We’ll give you an honest assessment of your roof’s condition and help you identify and resolve problem areas before they escalate. Call today!